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Kieran McGlade


epartment of General Practice and Primary Care
School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

Dunluce Health Centre, 1 Dunluce Avenue, Belfast BT9 7HR




Association for Palliative Medicine of GB and Ireland Annual Conference


Kathryn Orr and Jessica Chen (left) undertook research on "GP Perceptions of Provision of Supportive Care for Patients with Advanced Heart Failure in Northern Ireland" -as third year students during their CME Summer Studentships last year.


Their hard work has been awarded with the prize for the Best Undergraduate Abstract at the Association for Palliative Medicine of GB and Ireland annual conference which took place this year at the Belfast Waterfront on 30th and 31st March..




Tuesday 4th October - Retirement Dinner for Margaret Cupples and Drew Gilliland

The Great Hall, Queen's University, Belfast






It is all happening this month with, not only graduation, but also no less than 3 National / International conferences happening on the Island!

50th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), Waterfront Hall, Belfast, 6th-8th July 2016.


Above: "preparations" at ASME

Right: Dr Stephen Harte presenting on "The role of Executive Coaching for GP Specialty Trainees"



45th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Academic Primary Care. Dublin, 6th-8th July 2016

Debbie Collins and Laura McQuillan

Research Registrars at SAPC


SAPC was held in Dublin this year

Prof. Margaret Cupples delivered the keynote address entitled 'Cardiovascular disease: non pharmacological prevention'.


Irish Network of Medical Educators, Hilton Hotel Belfast


4th July Graduations

Photo: Jenny Weir and Claire Neill after receiving their MPhil Degrees
Back row: Margaret Cupples, Drew Gilliland, Kieran McGlade, Nigel Hart and Gerry Gormley



Annual Scientific Meeting of the Association of Departments of General Practice in Ireland (AUDGPI)
at University College Dublin

Prof Max Watson was awarded the Fiona Bradley Medal- the first seventh winner of the ward and the first recipient from Northern Ireland. This medal was awarded at the AUDGPI , Dublin, in memory of Dr Fiona Bradley, who was an outstanding general practitioner. The award, presented by the Bradley family, recognises individuals from Ireland who make a sustained difference to the social and scientific dimensions in healthcare both in Ireland and internationally. Max continues to sustain a wide-reaching contribution to general practice and palliative care both nationally and internationally and his report of some ongoing work as he accepted the award was truly inspiring. We are delighted that he continues to contribute to teaching our undergraduates.

QUB was well represented at the meeting by other members of the Department of General Practice and we were delighted that Gerry Gormley was awarded the George Irwin Prize for the best educational research project and the AUDGPI Bursary for the best overall presentation. Jenny Johnston, a co-author of the project, accepted the prizes on his behalf. Emma Lawlor, one of our PhD students also starred, on her first attendance at the meeting, by winning the James McCormack Prize for the best research presentation.

December 2015

Christmas Graduations! Congratulations to Jenny Johnston on her achievement of her PhD degree.
Jenny is our second GP (first female) PhD graduate.


November 2015

Claire Neill and Kieran McGlade at the NAPCRG conference in Cancun, Mexico


Kieran McGlade presenting at NAPCRG 2015

October 2015

Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network (Primary Care) Biannual Research Forum

The biannual scientific meeting of the Primary Care Clinical Research Network
was held in the department of general practice on the 7th October.

The Keynote address "Cared for by machines: is telehealth the future for chronic condition management?" was given by Prof Brian McKinstry, Professor of Primary Care E-Health at the University of Edinburgh. Three studies adopted by the network were also presented at the meeting:

-The Interval Dental Recalls Trial (Jill Gouick, Fiona Mitchell & Fiona Ord, Dundee)
-The Lung-SEARCH Trial (Claire Leathem on behalf of Dr Nick Magee, Belfast Trust)
-The Polypharmacy Study (Dr Cathal Cadogan, School of Pharmacy QUB)

More details about the event

More details about NICRN

September 2015

Annual Tutor Meeting at Riddel Hall Wednesday 9th September

The annual GP tutors' meeting, held at Riddel hall this year, was attended by 150 GP tutors
and university faculty. The event was opened by professor Patrick Johnston, Vice Chancellor of the
University and the keynote speech on "Resilience" was delivered by professor Amanda Howe, professor
of Primary Care, University of East Anglia, Vice-Chair of RCGP council and President Elect of the
World Organisation of Family Doctors. Guests included Mr Keith Gardiner, Dr John Collins, Dr Claire Loughrey
and Ms Angela Carragher of NIMDTA and Heather Stevens HR Director of DHSSPS.

The Robin Harland Award, a student nominated "best teaching practice prize", was presented this year
by Dr Shauna Fannin, Vice-Chair of the RCGP NI and Dr Drew Gilliland to Dr Ann Delargy and the
Banbridge Medical Practice (see photo below).

Three parallel workshops were conducted during the event and gave rise to much useful debate and
exchange of ideas:

- Practical resilience training as a tutor with Professors Howe and Cupples
- Managing student issues in practice with Drs Gilliland and McGrady
- Sharing best teaching practice with Drs Hart and McGlade

From Left: Prof Margaret Cupples, Prof Amanda Howe, Dr Ann Delargy and Dr Shauna Fannin

July 2015


Congratulations to Madeline Brennan and Roisin Spence, research registrars in the department of general practice, on being warded MPhil at the July graduation.



From left: Drew Gilliland, Keith Steele, Madeline Brennan, Roisin Spence and Margaret Cupples


June 2015

Public Health Annual Scientific Conference QUB, Riddel Hall, 10th June.

Neil Heron and Mark Tully both spoke at this conference. Mark's title was based on the song -"Oh sit down" - he prompted people to think about how much they sat at work everyday, how the world around us encourages us to sit down and how sedentary lifestyles are not the best for our health. Neil challenged his audience to consider how they could encourage people to become more healthy by taking part in sport.

May 2015

EuroPrevent Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

Neil Heron and Margaret Cupples attended this international meeting which focused on cardiovascular disease prevention. There were over 5,000 attendees and this year's topic was 'Addressing inequalities in cardiovascular health'. Neil presented work on physical activity and sport participation; Margaret reported on the novel cardiac rehabilitation programme delivered by 'Healthy Hearts in the West', in the Maureen Sheehan Centre, for people living in West Belfast. Neil also presented plans for a trial of an intervention to promote stroke prevention for people with TIA, at the Stroke Association.



EU Horizon 2020 Project

Mark Tully on a visit this month to Barcelona for the launch of our EU Horizon 202O project (SitLess Study ).
The study is looking at promoting physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour in adults, through
primary care. This is a four country randomised controlled trial of self-management and exercise referral.

April 2015

Research visit, University of Helsinki. 12-15 April 2015, Finland

Jenny Johnston, Helen Reid and Gerry Gormley, together with CME colleagues Mairead Corrigan and Tim Dornan, recently enjoyed a research visit to Finland.

The primary purpose of our trip was to meet and build connections with Yrjo Engestrom and his team in the CRADLE (Centre for Research on Activity, Development and Learning, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki). Engestrom is a world leader in his field. An educationalist by background, he and his team have developed Activity Theory (AT) and the Change Laboratory. These approaches build on ideas first developed by Vygotsky and Le'ontev in pre-Stalinist Russia. They position learning as a social phenomenon with an importance placed on what is going on between different people undertaking any kind of 'activity' within their own cultural and historical context.

Helen's PhD is using Activity Theory as a means to gain deeper understanding of the OSCE. During an afternoon's visit to the CRADLE, we discussed our research ideas with Engestrom and his team. We were also joined via Skype by other interested researchers in the Netherlands, Brazil and Russia. The CRADLE team have worked across many different subject disciplines including healthcare. One of their most successful projects involved bringing together surgical and anaesthetic 'activity systems' in a dysfunctional Finnish hospital, analysing the complex actions involved, and working with participants to effect a positive change. It is a practical, forward looking approach with expansive learning at its heart. The CRADLE team were very interested to hear our ideas of applying AT to a medical education setting.

On our second full day in Helsinki we presented a workshop entitled 'The OSCE as an Activity System. Past, present and future Directions.' The participants included clinicians and medical educationalists as well as some educationalists working in other settings. Throughout the Seminars and Activities we were warmly hosted by Dr Eeva Pyorala, a Senior Lecturer within the Medical School. Eeva took the opportunity to show us around the fabulous University buildings and also the city of Helsinki itself. Helsinki is a beautiful peninsula city- open, green and eminently healthy. We hope to return!

March 2015

Irish Ambassador receives prestigious healthcare award at Queen's

From left: Susie Bradley, Ambassador Dr Sinead Walsh and Prof. Margaret Cupples

Irish Ambassador to Sierra Leone and Liberia, Dr Sinead Walsh, was presented with the prestigious Fiona Bradley Medal at a ceremony at Queen's University on Saturday, 7 March, for her work to combat the Ebola virus in Africa.
The distinguished medal, which celebrates the contribution of the late Dr Fiona Bradley to promoting better medical practice, especially in the more disadvantaged areas of society, is awarded annually. Fiona was a lecturer in Trinity College, Dublin and family doctor in Ballymun until her untimely death aged 41.
The medal, awarded by the Fiona Bradley Foundation, is given to an individual or group who have made a sustained difference in healthcare in Ireland or internationally. This year the award recognised the "exceptional and dedicated work of Sinead Walsh in leading the Irish effort against the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone and Liberia."
The award was presented during the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland (AUDGPI), which was held in Riddel Hall at Queen's. The meeting was co-hosted by the UKCRC Centre for Excellence for Public Health Research (NI).

18th Annual Scientific Meeting of the AUDGPI hosted at Queens 5th & 6th March

Programme and abstract booklet

We were delighted to host the 18th Annual Scientific Meeting of the AUDGPI (Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland) on 5th and 6th March 2015, at Riddel Hall, in association with our UKCRC Centre of Excellence for Public Health Research (NI) at Queen's. Concurrent workshops on Thursday afternoon covered OSCE development for assessing undergraduate medical students, training in systematic reviews to help support young career academics and discussion of research approaches to promoting physical activity in primary care. A highlight of the day was our dinner in the Great Hall at Queen's.


QUB Team at AUDGPI in Belfast

Friday began with a stimulating call by Prof Domhnall MacAuley to put primary care research in Ireland into the world view, and to engage more with our service counterparts ('General Practice / Primary Care Research- looking to the future'). He set the scene for parallel sessions which followed, covering issues relevant to prescribing, medical education, multidisciplinary care, quality improvement, clinical practice and health promotion. Prof Simon Griffin was our main keynote speaker ('NHS Health Checks - evidence for best practice'); he provided insight into the evidence as to why we should be cautious about the implementation of 'health checks' and non-targeted screening for cardiovascular disease.

The Irish Ambassador to Sierra Leone and Liberia, Dr Sinead Walsh, was awarded the Fiona Bradley Medal. This annual award celebrates the contribution of the late Dr Fiona Bradley to promoting better medical practice, especially in the more disadvantaged areas of society. Fiona was a lecturer in Trinity College, Dublin and family doctor in Ballymun until her untimely death at 41 years of age. She made a significant contribution to promoting better medical practice, especially in disadvantaged areas of Irish society. The award is given to an individual or group who have made a sustained difference in healthcare in Ireland or internationally. This year its award recognizes the exceptional and dedicated work which Sinead Walsh has done by in leading the Irish effort against the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Sinead accepted the award saying, 'It is a real honour for me to receive the Fiona Bradley award on behalf of 'Team Ireland' on the Ebola response'

The winners of the other awards were: Dr Gerry Gormley (Prof George Irwin Prize for best educational research project); Dr Emma Wallace (Prof James McCormick Prize for best research presentation); Dr Carol Sinnott (Prof William Shannon Prize for best trainee presentation). Dr Emma Wallace was the winner of the new AUDGPI travel bursary.

The afternoon ended on a high note with Dr Maureen Kelly's delivery of a professional discourse on 'Medical Student Selection - an international perspective'.

Our thanks are due to Roisin Corr, Pauline Nolan, Mark Tully and Neil Heron for their support in the planning and delivery of an excellent meeting - and we look forward to next year's meeting of the AUDGPI in UCD.

February 2015

INMED 2015

A respectable contingent from Belfast decamped to the University of Limerick Graduate Medical School for this year's INMED meeting. Building on 2014's successful meeting, hosted at Queen's, there were a number of activities showcasing QUB work. Helen Reid, working with Gerry Gormley, Jenny Johnston, Mairead Corrigan and Prof Peter Cantillon of NUI Galway, ran a major workshop entitled "OSCEs unplugged". This drew together participants from different backgrounds to deconstruct OSCEs and consider the future of this ubiquitous form of assessment. Contributions were also made by Kathy Cullen and Grainne Kearney regarding their Masters in Medical Education projects. Enjoyable keynote presentations were given by Jonathan Silverman from Cambridge and Tara Fenwick from Stirling, on teaching communication and complexity respectively. Overall, good progress was made in developing research links between the various institutions with INMED involvement. We look forward to next year's meeting in Dublin.

"OSCE's Unplugged" INMED Workshop, Limerick 2015

January 2015

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Department of General Practice activity report 2014

July 2014

Our first departmental selfie!!

From Left: Clare Thomson, Kieran McGlade, Helen Reid, Gerry Gormley, Margaret Cupples, Drew Gilliland and Christine Rea

May 2014

Congratulations to Dr Neil Heron (far left of picture) who with Dr Suzy McQuillan received an Investec Travel Bursaries from Dr John O'Kelly RCGPNI Chair at the RCGP Awards evening at Galgorm Manor in May 2014. Mr David McDonnell represented Investec Wealth and Management.




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