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Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland
Annual Scientific Meeting
Belfast, 27th February 2004

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QUB Department of General Practice

The annual scientific meeting of the
Association of Departments
of General Practice in Ireland
took place at Queen's University, Belfast
on the 27th February 2004.

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Scientific Programme Social Programme Thank you all for taking part!

Outline programme
List of oral presentations

List of poster presentations
List of workshops
Keynote speech
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CME credits & PGEA

Peer Review

Chairman's Foreword

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Delegates attending the Annual Scientific Meeting of the AUDGPI - Belfast, February 2004

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Programme for the Scientific Meeting

Time Activity
10.00 am Registration and coffee/tea
10.30 Welcome - Professor Rod Hay, Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Queens University.

Keynote Address - (Abstract)
The Long March - Academic General Practice in the UK

Professor Graham Watt, Professor of General Practice, University of Glasgow and Chair, Heads of Departments Group SAPC.

11.15 Oral presentations (3 x parallel sessions)
12.30 End Parallel sessions
12.35 Lunch
1.30pm Open viewing of posters
2.00 Moderated poster session See poster sessions
3.00 Coffee / Tea
3.15 Workshops ( 4 x parallel sessions) See workshops
4.30 Prizes and close (followed by group photograph)

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Welcome to Queen's 2004

On behalf of Queen's University Belfast and its department of General Practice I am delighted to welcome you
to the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of our Association. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our membership the Association
of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland (AUDGPI) now provides a significant forum for our work.
Our membership now includes not only general practitioners but a range of nursing and non-clinical academics,
all with an interest in primary care.

The quality and volume of submissions this year was very impressive. There are also a growing number of research collaborations
between the (now) seven constituent departments. We appreciate the opportunities offered by the Health Research Board in Dublin
and the Research and Development Office in Belfast. We are now just beginning to see the results of these partnerships.

I want to thank our local subcommittee of Drew Gilliland, Nigel Hart, Kieran McGlade and, in particular, Cathleen Agnew,
our Departmental Secretary. Their various inputs to the preparation of this meeting have been very effective.

Thank you all for your support of this meeting.

Best wishes.

Professor Philip M. Reilly
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Chairman's Foreword

The AUDGPI annual scientific meeting has become a social and academic event for primary care on this island. This year we meet in Belfast for the first time
and I know that planning has been going on for some months and that the peer review process is as rigorous as ever. The use of the web has been exploited to lend
efficiency and promptness to the meeting. The organisers have been sufficiently flexible to organise the programme around the wishes of the membership
and delegates are sure to find papers, posters and workshops that interest them. The moderated poster session is a development that will be worth attending.
We welcome Graham Watt as our keynote speaker and look forward to a thoughtful and stimulating paper. Graham takes a lively interest in this island of ours
and will want us to visit the Society of Primary Care annual scientific meeting in Glasgow in July 14th to 16th. I want to say a special thank you to Andrew Murphy
who was our ever efficient and far seeing AUDGPI secretary for the last four years. He is now on sabbatical in Adelaide and sends his best wishes to everyone.
Colin Bradley is our new secretary and is a pleasure to work with. The secretary is the key post in our organisation and there is a big drop between the status of secretary
and that of chairman. Medical education is receiving much needed attention in the South with the establishment of the working group on medical education
under the chairmanship of Prof Patrick Fottrell. The AUDGPI has been asked to make a submission and a copy is available from Colin Bradley.
Deans, government, students and specialists all agree that our students should be receiving more primary care but we are discovering that universal agreement is not enough.
We need resources if we are to deliver. Prof Gerard Bury from UCD steps down from the Medical Council where he has served as President with vigour and distinction
for over seven years. His colleagues in the AUDGPI salute him. Next year it is Trinity's turn to host the ASM and we look forward to welcoming everyone
and to having a good meeting.

Tom O'Dowd

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Oral Presentations

3 parallel sessions - 11.15 - 12.30
Barriers to Care Health Promotion Clinical
1. Gerry Gormley - "Influenza vaccinations in Northern Ireland: are older patients missing out?" 1. Barry Kelly - "A randomised controlled trial to test the hypothesis that text message reminders improves attendance for new patient medicals." 1. Walter Cullen -"Implementing best practice for the care of hepatitis C (HCV) among drug users: a cluster-randomised controlled trial and qualitative evaluation of the Dublin Area Hepatitis C Initiative"
2. Anne MacFarlane - "A review of tele-health services in the North-Western and Western health boards. 2. Tom O'Dowd - "A general practice experiment in addressing men's health". 2. Walter Cullen - "Early intervention for first episode schizophrenia in general practice in Ireland: a national cross sectional survey".
3. Susan Smith - "The inverse care law in primary care research: international variations in the generation of the evidence base for primary care" 3. Victoria Ononeze - "A socio-cultural framework of determinants of secondary heart disease prevention" 3. Wai-Sun Chan - "Consultation Styles: The doctor, his computer and the patient"
4. Liam Glynn - "Helping Each Other to Learn - A Process Evaluation of Peer Teaching in an Early Patient Contact Module" 4. Mark Tully - "Walking to Health: the effects of a home-based programme of brisk walking on biochemical risk factors and functional capacity in healthy, sedentary adults" 4. David Whitford - "Sustainability and effectiveness of comprehensive diabetes care to a district population"
5. Gillian Paul - "The experience of intimate partner violence: a cross sectional survey of women and men attending general practices" 5. Brigid Mary Crean - "Primary Care Teamwork in County Donegal" 5. Gerry Gormley - "Can triage improve the appropriateness of referrals to early arthritis clinics?"
6. Paul Leggett- "Barriers to patients over 65 years of age claiming their full entitlement to Social Security Benefits & the impact of extra benefits: A qualitative Study"    

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Poster Presentations

Moderated Poster Sessions - 2pm - 3pm (Poster viewing from 1.30pm)
Poster Session 1 Poster Session 2 Poster Session 3 Poster Session 4
1. Gerry Gormley - "Joint and soft tissue injections in the community - questionnaire survey of general practitioners' experiences and attitudes". 1. Patricia Gillen - "Teenage Pregnancy: An Exploratory Descriptive Study of Service Provision in Northern Ireland". 1. Karen Thompson - "Does cross-border research in primary care need some researching?" 1. Pauline Clerkin - "Development of an Intervention for Secondary Prevention of Heart Disease in General Practice: Results of preliminary exploratory focus groups with mulidisciplinary teams."
2. Gerry Gormley - "A randomised study of two training programmes for general practitioners in the techniques of shoulder injection." 2. Patricia Gillen- "Analyses of the Records of Maternity Patients Deemed as Low-Risk on Admission". 2. Anne MacFarlane - "An In-depth Study of Language as a Barrier to Primary Care Services for Refugees and Asylum Seekers: The Merits of Action Research Methods" 2. Molly Byrne - "The SPHERE study: the development of a complex intervention to improve secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in general practice".
3. Gerry Gormley - "PSA testing in general practice in Northern Ireland: are we doing what we are told?" 3. Eadaoin Townley - "And what happens in the first ten weeks at home? - A prospective telephone surveillances on a cohort of 300 mothers & infants" 3. Philip Cantillon - "Violence in General Practice" 3. Patricia White - "Adults with diabetes: A family perspective"
4. Jacqueline Cantillon - Vaccine Cold Chain - are we too complacent?" 4. Maureen Kelly - "Teaching and Assessing Communication Skills: Necessary - but at what cost 4. Barry Kelly - "The views of university students with regard to using mobile phone text messages within general practice: a questionnaire survey". 4. Aine Burke - "The Management of Hypothyroidism"
5. Nicola Bradbury - "Influenza Vaccine Uptake - Can We Do Better?"   5. Donna Doherty - "A Feasibility Study of Thrombolysis by Rural Irish General Practitioners" 5. Nigel Hart - "Physician exercise thyself: A lifestyle imperative for the sedentary GP registrar?"

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The Republic of Ireland faculty of the RCGP have initiated travel bursaries for attendance and presentation to the AUDGPI
Any medical or allied professional from the Republic of Ireland may avail of this bursary provided they are presenting at the meeting
or at least have submitted an abstract. The bursary will cover the cost of travel to the meeting either by public transport or by private
transport at the normal College mileage rate.
Applications for this bursary may be made to the college treasurer, Dr Joe Martin (

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Keynote Speaker - Biographical Details

Professor Graham CM Watt
Norie Miller Professor of General Practice
University of Glasgow

Professor Watt graduated at Aberdeen University in 1976 and, in a varied career, trained in general practice
at Glyncorrwg in South Wales, Ladywell Medical Centre in Edinburgh and Townhead Health Centre in Glasgow.
He has also worked as a senior medical officer within the Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Home and Health Department
and as a senior lecturer in public health at the University of Glasgow. He took up his current post in 1994.

He has longstanding research interests in the epidemiology of health and disease in families, inequalities in health
and health care and the development of academic capacity in primary care. He is just completing a three year term
as the elected chair of the Heads of Department Group of UK University Departments of General Practice and Primary Care.

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Keynote Speech Abstract


Professor Graham Watt
Norie Miller Professor of General Practice
University of Glasgow

Between 1986 and 2001, the number of professors in university departments of general practice and primary care in the UK increased from 16 to 66, while the proportion of non-clinical staff rose from 10% to 32%. Contributions to undergraduate medical curricula tripled to an average of 9% (range 4-20%). About one third of all general practices are involved in undergraduate teaching.

Collectively in 2001, the 31 departments held 178 research grants worth more than £100,000 each. In the most recent university research assessment exercise (RAE), five departments achieved ratings of 5 or 5*, indicating that academic primary care in the UK is capable of achieving the highest international standards of research excellence.

These are indicators of substantial achievement and progress, but there are still many problems to address. The number of senior academic general practitioners remains a small fraction of the ratio which exists for all other major clinical disciplines. The academic career structure is characterised by uncertainty, financial disadvantage and problems of acquiring both clinical and academic expertise. The number of higher research degrees by general practitioners remains very small. Non-clinical academic careers in primary care remain highly uncertain. There are far more opportunities than the current small number of senior academic staff can possibly address.

This paper will comment on recent progress, reflect on current problems and briefly consider what the future may hold, with a particular focus on ways in which UK experience can inform developments in the Irish departments and primary health care systems - a key strategy being to highlight ways in which academic general practice and primary care can be part of the solution to problems facing universities and the health service.

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Prizes were awarded at the meeting as follows:

- Best abstract for an oral presentation - Dr David Whitford (RCSI)

"Sustainability and effectiveness of comprehensive diabetes care to a district population"

- Best abstract from a newcomer - Dr Barry Kelly (QUB)

"A randomised controlled trial to test the hypothesis that text message reminders improves attendance for new patient medicals."

- Best poster presentation - Patricia White (TCD)

"Adults with diabetes: A family perspective"

- Medical Student Prize - Aine Burke (Galway)

"The Management of Hypothyroidism"

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CME Credits


The meeting has been credited by the Northern Ireland Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education (NICPMDE) for 5/6 day,
equally distributed among the categories of "Health Promotion, Disease Management & Service Management".

The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) has confirmed approval for today's meeting for CME/CAS.

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Peer Review

Oral presentation

All abstracts submitted for oral presentation will be scored independently by 2 referees on a 0-5 point scale (where 0=unmarkable and 5=remarkable, not to be missed). All abstracts scoring 8 or over will be reviewed by members of the AUDGPI conference committee.  


All poster submissions will be assessed by two referees on a 0-2 point scale (0=reject, 1=accept and 2=accept and note high quality content).

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