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23-26 June, 2004

Keynote speakers will be Steve Ickringill, Kerby Miller, Michael Montgomery and Kathleen Curtis Wilson

The wide range of topics can be seen from the list of speakers:

Joyce Alexander, 'The Scotch-Irish the their Ulster Cousins since 1960: interactions in the post-industrial age'
Harry Alexander, 'Social Service Dimensions of Scotch-Irish Fraternalism in Industrial America'
Lorrie Blair and Jean-Francois Frappier, 'Visualising Montreal's Saint Patrick's Day Parade'
Katharine Brown, 'Irish Tract, Virginia from the1770s to 1790s'
James Campbell, 'The Family Genealogist as a Computer Virus'
Alan Crozier, 'Language and Identity: continuity and community'
Mary Daughtrey, 'Post-Cold War Trends in Conflict Intervention: how does the Northern Ireland Peace Process fit in?
Peter Gilmore, 'Two Sons of Oil Reconsidered: Irish Covenanters and the New World'
Patrick Griffin, 'Kentucky from the 1780s to 1830s'
Harvey, Karen J, 'Contemporary Accounts of the Scotch-Irish in the Appalachian Backcountry: the cultural and economic frontier
Julie Henigan, 'Bob Holt: a Scotch-Irish square-dance fiddle player from Ava, Missouri'
Sylvia Hilton, 'Irishmen on the Mississippi in the late eighteenth century: the negotiation of interest and identity in Spanish Louisiana and West Florida'
Warren Hofstra, 'Opequon, Virginia from the1730s to 1760s'
Steve Ickringill, 'Reactions in Ulster to the Spanish-American War'
Violet Johnson, 'Parading the Shamrock and the Pan: a historical comparative analysis of St Patrick's Day and the Carribean Carnival in the American South'
Kenneth Keller, 'Medicine among the Scots-Irish in Virginia'
John Lynch, 'Cattle or customers? Changes in the emigration trade and the design of Belfast-built ships 1870-1914'
Richard McMaster, 'Donegal Springs, Pennsylvania in the 1720s and 1770s'
Kerby Miller, 'Western Pennsylvania in the1790s'; 'Irish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan'
Michael Montgomery, 'Carolina Backcountry: the search for independence' from the 1760s to 1780s'; 'From Ulster to America: the Scotch-Irish Contribution to American English'
GK Peatling, 'Rethinking interactions between Ulster-Scots and native Americans'
Anita Puckett, 'Max's Meadows, McGavocks and Prestons'
Nina Ray and Tim Conway, 'The Hearts of Steel in the Eighteenth Century: implications for the American immigration experience
Mícheál Roe, 'Characteristics and attitudes of 21st Century Scotch-Irish: findings from the General Social Survey'
Rick Ruggle, 'The demographics of faith - the Irish roots of religious affiliation in an Ontario township'
Ron Wells, 'Woody Guthrie, Kerby Miller and the Nameless, Lost Immigrants: thoughts on the historian's task'
John Maass, "A Spirit of Disobedience" : Ulster Scots and Disaffection in the Revolutionary War, 1780-81.
Monica Spiese, 'An Ulsterman in Pennsylvania: James Logan (1674-1751)'
Nathan Kozuskanich, 'The Paxton Riots, 1764'
Kathleen Curtis Wilson, 'Ulster Linen Worldwide: towards an exhibition'
Marianne Wokeck, 'The Role of the Port of Debarkation in the Scotch-Irish Immigrants: New Castle, Delaware, 1710s-1770s'

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