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Christmas - related Document

B. M. Smyth, Co. Tyrone to J. A. Smyth, Canada<
Copyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone,<
Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.<
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Front of Envelope<
Envelope addressed to<
Mr. James. A. Smyth<
Essex Box 234<
DE 19<
Back of Envelope<
DE 31<
DE 19<
Dec 25 00<
Dear Brother<
By the date<
of this letter you will<
see that its Xmas day<
and as I was not busy I<
thought of writing. Its<
very quiet around here<
there has been a few shots at<
Elkins and that is all you<
can hear. It is raining<
pretty heavy all day so no<
fun is kept up, John C Tommy<
and Bob Campbell Eden Mills went<
to hunt in the morning with their<
guns and a greyhound but they saw<
nothing and came back at twelve o<
clock They are away round our own<
fields now, John got a breech loader<
from Mr James for a good days hunting<
but is badly dissapointed.<
Mary has just came up from<
Gilkys she went down to Tilda a few<
minutes and she says she is very lonely.<
There was no one in all day except<
father and Willie John a few minutes<
we all miss Willie today and tonight<
as well.<
When I talk of Xmas I may tell you our<
presents, mother got a black shawl from<
Mrs Nelson value 7s 3 lbs of tea from Miss<
James. The Master was up with it last night<
1 lb of tea and a fruit loaf from Aunt<
Rebecca 2 pots of jam from Miss Mary Duncan<
I think mother got the most Mary got a pair<
of gloves from Mrs. Nelson and John got<
a silk handkerchief but I cant say who its from<
each of us got a card from the Miss Dunbars<
and from Gortin: Mary Dunbar came home on Friday<
and Beck says for us to be ready to go down some<
day before she goes away. I must stop now as<
dinner is ready I will finish tomorrow.<
Today is dry not so unpleasant as<
yesterday John is away hunting he and a few<
others Charles McCullagh Joseph Ballantine<
R.J.C and some others. Wm [William] is<
learning a song to sing at a lecture on the<
3rd inst. I think they told you of our last<
in the Meeting house the subject this time<
is on the war Wm [William] was down in Mr<
Steens on Monday night: giving a £1 for the<
century fund so Mrs Steen gave him music and<
words for. "Hearts of oak" and told him to<
learn it for that night, James Houston had<
it but more of an orange nature. Mr Steen is<
for giving a lecture once a month during the<
winter. We rec [received?] your letter last<
week after waiting for a good while but you<
give us the reason for the delay so we must<
be content, you will have three weeks of<
waiting also, so you may wonder whats up<
with us. We see by your letter that you are<
getting enough partys [parties?] in that place and<
stylish ones too but Im afraid the [they]<
are heavy on the cash, but its better<
fretting away the time.<
How do you like teaching now I suppose<
by this time you are well used to it. Teachers<
in this country will not get their money for<
nothing now either: they have to learn drill<
of all sorts drawing: singing and everything.<
It is changed all together this year all<
done in a new style, But will give the teachers<
some trouble and cost as well. if they have to<
pay for what they want.<
Last day I was in Strabane Mr Conroy was asking<
about you: he still enquires how you are getting<
on: The Miss Gordons asks for you too: none of<
their people was home for xmas neither Jamie nor<
Willie. The two Miss McKelveys of this town is<
away in Co Down with the school master and Jamie<
RIC is home for a few days, so nearly everyone<
moves some place about Xmas.<
We have spent some more time making changes<
in and out of the house. A few days ago father<
removed the small bed and took down the partition,<
so now we have it open it looks better and not so<
dark up the stairs. The bed was not much use as two<
could hardly sleep in it any time and we didnt use<
it in the winter time as it was very cold.<
We intend to get one made and keep it in the kitchen<
And when we dont need it it will make a good seat:<
a settle bed or whatever they call them.<
Father and Tom is clearing behind the house and<
burning the large stone that came in to the wall<
we intend to get a churning machine shortly so it<
must be rid. We want them to open a back door and<
fix the front and build a good wall up the pad they,<
may do it some time yet and we intend to cement the<
kitchen floor, Father says we should have built<
a new house and it might please us as we are all<
ways [always] changing this one.<
We are all in good health at present hoping you enjoy the<
same So Good Bye for the present Wishing you a happy new<
year and we hope to see you before next Xmas.<
B. M. S. [Bella M Smyth?]<

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