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Easter - Document 3

Mary Smyth, Ontario to Eliza C. Smyth, Castledamph<
Copyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone,<
Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.<
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Front of envelope<
Miss E. C. Smyth<
Co Tyrone<
AP 9<
Back of envelope<
5 0<
AP 21<
St. Thomas Box 1103<
April 9th 04<
Dear People All:<
Easter over and also holidays<
So to work again. Jim was down for Easter<
came down Saturday night and stopped until<
Wednesday night Uncle and Anna were also down<
Belle she could not very well get away and<
leave no one [no-one?] in charge. Well I have<
decided to go home in August if nothing happens so I hope<
I won t have to change my mind again. Jim will<
go as far as New York with me so I will be<
able to make the rest of it alone. I think I<
will stop school about the last of May so that<
I will have the remainder of the time to visit<
around. Don't let everybody around there know long<
before I get there.<
I intend to write to Bella soon I should have<
done so long ago but I expect that she hears how<
how (sic) I am anyway. I was dreaming last night that<
I was home but I was very much disappointed<
to find so many changes. I was also dreaming<
one night this week about Jamey McKernan and<
I couldn't remember who the other one was having a<
real fight on our street. I thought that each had<
a Knife & Spear and Father was the Judge to see that<
fair play was given and I thought that the band<
was playing while they were fighting. It was horrible.<
We are having nice Spring weather here now. I<
think Spring is a lovely time here after such<
a cold winter.<
Where is the 12th July celebration going to be held<
this year. They are for having a great day in Windsor<
this year I will probably be there. And do you<
know of any excursions or picnics in August. I<
have not set time so if I knew I would<
arrange it so as to get there. How long will<
T. Hay be staying? I suppose about two months.<
All those from around there that are in New York.<
I wish I had their address the McFarlane<
girls and McKelvey & Mary McKnight and all those<
We might have time to call and see them.<
Do you think I can get music lessons in Strabane.<
I do not like to give it up now when I have started.<
Say wish you would send me your Spring<
and Summer styles so I see how much difference<
there is between there and here.<
Jim was to be at a swell party last<
night in Essex, I had a letter from him yesterday<
so he said had he known I was going home so<
soon I could have gone up for it but it was<
too late then to say anything about it.<
This is Saturday and it is pretty near<
dinner time so I must hurry up and finish<
it and post it after dinner on my way<
up to get a [l?] new Spring hat I see quite<
a few Spring hats on already and tomorrow<
being Sunday the church will look like a millinery<
showroom. How will Louisa get along without Miss<
Moore I should think that she would be wanting<
help and I suppose money also.<
I suppose you had quite a few eggs to boil Easter<
I just ate two. There was quite a family here all<
day Sunday. Charles, Annie, Glenn, Leslie, Jim, Uncle,<
Anna, [three?] Miss Campbell's [sic] and myself so there<
was enough. Eggs were 18 cts a dozen all Easter = 9D.<
Butter 20 cts = 10D. . Everything is expensive in the<
city. It is starting to rain now so I hope<
it don't (sic) keep me from going up town. I am<
also going to get a pair of shoes [likely?] you<
will see them as I don't suppose I will have<
them worn out this summer : Charlie<
has just come in been out since yesterday<
Must close<
GoodBye [Goodbye?]<
M. [Mary?] Smyth<
Transcribed by Kyle Smith<

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