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St.Patrick's - Document 2

The Hibernian Society of New Orleans Celebrate St.Patricks Day<
The Irishman, 15th June 1821<
The Linenhall Library, Belfast.<
Document added by LT, 10:08:1994.<
(from the Louisiana Advertiser)<
The late anniversary of the tutelar Saint of Ireland,<
was observed in this city with the accustomed<
ceremonies and festivities. On that day, Saturday,<
the 17th March, "The Hibernian Society of New<
Orleans" held its stated Annual Meeting, for the<
election of Officers for the ensuing year, when the<
following persons were chosen:<
Jas. Workman, President, | Thos. [Thomas?] Mellon, Treasurer,<
John Dick, Vice President, | F. Alexander, Physician,<
H. McAdam, Secretary, | John Dick, Counsellor,<
H. K. Gordon}<
G. Vance } Managers<
N. Dick }<
The Members of the Society afterwards partook of<
a Dinner at Mr. Beale's Hotel, where they were<
honoured by the company of Governor of the State,<
the Senior Officers of the Army in this city, and<
the Commanding Officer of the Navy on the New Orleans<
Station, as guests of the Society; and by the presence<
of many other gentlemen invited by respective<
members. After the cloth was removed, the<
following Toasts were given:-<
The day we celebrate - It draws towards one common<
centre, hearts that fate had thrown far apart.<
Ireland may she be as she ought to be.<
On this toast being drunk, the following song, composed for<
the occasion, by one of the company, was sung with<
great affect by Mr. Keene, of the Theatre.<
Erin tho' lost, still dear to all<
Who once in childhood breath'd thy air;<
We seek not now to mourn thy fall,<
But bless thee, and the friends still there;<
There is, in thy unhappy fate,<
Some spell, which strangely draws to thee<
The love of all, - save those who hate<
Whate'er is virtuous, brave, and free<
We know not if thy doom is cast<
O'er faded hopes, and chains to weep;<
If smiles and frowns have power at last,<
To lull all former thoughts to sleep.<
We ask not now - our home is here<
Land of our choice, our love, our pride;<
Where, we may boast, through sorrow's tear,<
How Erin's sons have lived and died.<
Tho' we are wanderers in thy sight,<
And bound elsewhere by sacred ties,<
If Freedom guide our steps, then flight<
Is held even in honour's eyes.<
And still we hail with joy the day,<
When old affections fly to meet;<
Old scenes, old friends, now far away<
But once enjoyed, forever sweet.<
The United States - Her Eagles wings are over our heads,<
her institutions and her citizens are treasured in our<
The Governor of Louisiana.<
The Army of the United States.<
The Navy of the United States.<
The Shamrock;<
" A type that blends<
Three Godlike friends<
Love, valour wit, forever!<
Chosen leaf<
Of Bard and Chief,<
Old Erin's native Shamrock!"<
The cause of freedom throughout the world - Vigour to<
the arm, fortitude to the heart, and triumph to the soul<
struggling to obtain it.<
Irishmen in foreign countries - Grateful for the protection<
and hospitality they receive, may they ever merit them.<
The Memory of Washington.<
The founders of American Independence - Their deeds are<
canonized by the approbation of an applauding world.<
General Jackson and the the brave defenders of New Orleans.<
Thomas Moore - The latest and sweetest of Erin's Bards.<
The memory of Grattan and Curran - The stars that<
enlightened Erin's darkness pass away.<
Spain, Naples and Portugal - For a people to be<
free it is sufficient they will it.<
Toleration - We bow at her shrine, and would wish<
to see all men worshippers there.<
The People - Always brave, patriotic, and virtuous; when<
free, sovereign and independent.<
The Hibernian Societies throughout the United States -<
Founded in charity, may benevolence be their prevailing<
Woman; " Whose eye and whose soul,<
Are the light and the spell of each path we pursue,<
whether sun'd at the tropics, or chilled at the pole,<
If woman be there, there is happiness too."<
These toasts were succeeded by many volunteers, among<
which, the following are recollected;<
By Governor Robertson - The State of Missouri;<
Sovereign and independent - enjoying, of right, all<
the privileges of a member of the Union.<
By the Hon. Judge Porter - The memory of J. P. C.<
By John Dick, Esq. - The memory of Dominick A. Hall;<
as a judge, as a man, as a member of the<
Hibernian Society of this city, his virtues and his<
usefulness are endeared to us all, and<
cherished by the warmest recollections.<

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