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Third MSSc in Irish Migration Studies Reunion Lecture & Lunch

A Third Reunion Lecture for the MSSc in Irish Migration Studies was held in the Centre for Migration Studies at the Ulster-American Folk Park on Saturday, 7th February 2004.

Dr Mary O'Dowd presented a lecture entitled 'Women and Migration in Early Modern Ireland'.

Following the lecture there was an opportunity for questions and discussion. The formal event concluded with the presentation of Scotch-Irish Trust merit awards to the top MSSc. students for the academic year 2002-3 pictured below.

From left to right
Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald, Sir Peter Froggart, Dr. Mary O'Dowd,
Jack Foley, Susan McCaffrey, Roisin Kelly, and Dr. Brian Lambkin
Mary O'Dowd presents Jack Foley
with his award for being the top student in Year Two
Mary O'Dowd presents Susan McCaffrey
with her award for being the top student in Year One
Mary O'Dowd presents Roisin Kelly
with her award for the top dissertation.

Dr Mary O'Dowd is Senior Lecturer in Irish History at Queen's University Belfast. Having written widely on the subjects of Gaelic society and landownership, sixteenth and seventeenth Century Sligo and historical sources for Early Modern Irish History, Dr O'Dowd has a particular expertise in relation to the historical experience of Irish women. She has been responsible for co-editing Women in Early Modern Ireland (1991), Chattel, Servant or Citizen: Women's Status in Church, State and Society: Historical Studies XIX (1995), Women & Irish History: Essays in Honour of Margaret MacCurtain (1997) and more recently Field Day Anthology of Irish Women's Writing and Traditions, Volumes IV & V (2003).


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