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Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, Trinity College Dublin

Prior to taking up her present post at Trinity in 2003, Jane Helen Ohlmeyer taught British and Irish History at the University of California at Santa Barbara, at Yale University and at the University of Aberdeen. Her books include Civil War and Restoration in the Three Stuart Kingdoms. The career of Randal MacDonnell, marquis of Antrim, 1609-1683 (Cambridge, 1993; reprint Dublin, 2001); Ireland from Independence to Occupation, 1641-1660 (editor, Cambridge, 1995); and Political Thought in Seventeenth-Century Ireland (editor, Cambridge, 2000). She has also co-edited The Civil Wars. A Military History of England, Scotland and Ireland 1638-1660 (with the late John Kenyon, Oxford, 1998), The Irish Statute Staple Books, 1596-1687 (with Eamonn Ó Ciardha, Dublin, 1998) and The Stuart Kingdoms in the Seventeenth Century: Awkward Neighbours (with Allan Macinnes, Dublin, 2002). Professor Ohlmeyer has written numerous articles for anthologies and scholarly journals (including Historical Journal and American Historical Review). She was the section editor, ‘Overseas affairs in the seventeenth century’, Royal Historical Society British Bibliographies: 1500-1700 (Oxford University Press, 1998).

She also contributed entries to the New Dictionary of National Biography, the Dictionary of Irish Biography, and short entries for various historical dictionaries and the Encyclopaedia Britannica. She has reviewed books for various scholarly journals and for the Irish Times. Her current research includes a collaborative study (with Professor Steven Zwicker, Washington University, St. Louis) on how Irish and British history might engage more fruitfully with literary studies. This ‘holistic’, inclusive and interdisciplinary approach to the histories of the Stuart kingdoms and their dominions is also reflected in her next monograph, on the Irish peerage in the seventeenth century.

At Trinity Professor Ohlmeyer teaches courses on early modern Ireland, Britain and Europe and supervises research in early modern Irish and British history, especially on topics (political, military, social, and cultural) relating to seventeenth-century Ireland and comparative work on ‘three kingdoms’ history in the early modern period. She is currently managing the 1641 depositions project, a three year venture designed to prepare and publish online the 3,600 witness statements given by Protestant victims of the 1641 rebellion.

Key Publications:

Ohlmeyer J. H., 'The "Old" British Histories?', Historical Journal, 50, (2), 2007, p1 – 14.

Ohlmeyer J. H., Brady C. , British Interventions in Early Modern Ireland, Cambridge University Press, 2005,v, pp.371.

New Perspectives on the English in Early Modern Ireland in, editor(s)Ciaran Brady and Jane Ohlmeyer , British Interventions in Early Modern Ireland, Cambridge University Press, 2004, [Ohlmeyer J. H.]

A Laboratory for Empire?: Early Modern Ireland and English Imperialism’ in, editor(s)Kevin Kenny , Ireland and the British Empire, Oxford University Press, 2004, pp26 - 60, [Ohlmeyer J. H.]

Ohlmeyer J. H., ‘Seventeenth-century Ireland and the New British and Atlantic Histories’, American Historical Review, 104, (2), 1999, p446 - 462

Ohlmeyer J. H., Scotland and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms , Royal Society of Antiquaries, Scotland, November 1999, 1999

Ohlmeyer J. H., Early modern Ireland and the New British and Atlantic Histories, Irish Studies Conference, University of Vorenezh, Russia, May, 1998

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