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Programme for the Eleventh Annual MSSc Reunion Lecture:

11am, Saturday 28th January 2012


10.30 Registration (MCMS): Tea & Coffee on arrival

11.00  Welcome (MCMS Library)

11.05  Professor Liam Kennedy (QUB), ‘The Planter and the Gael: Explorations in Irish Ethnic History’  

12.00 Discussion

12.25  Presentation of Scotch-Irish Trust Merit Award to Mr Liam Corry (MSSc)

12.30  Lunch (UAFP Café)



The Belfast-born poet, John Hewitt (1907-1987), struck what was for some a paradoxical note when he wrote: ‘I am by birth an Irishman of Planter stock.’ Could Planters be Irish, and could Irish people be of Planter stock? The cultural revival of the late nineteenth century in Ireland, as indeed elsewhere in Europe, placed a renewed value on ethnic and linguistic purity and on historical origins. The thrust of this talk is that there has been far more intermixing between different ethnic groups on the island of Ireland between 1600 and the present than is conventionally recognised. Paradoxically, this has had only a limited effect in smoothing sharp-edged ethnic animosities. An appreciation of our mongrel past is, nonetheless, important to understanding where we’ve come from and where we might be destined.


Price: Stg 12.00 (includes tea/coffee, lecture, finger buffet lunch).
If you would like to bring a partner, friend(s) please feel free to do so.
To book please contact: Christine Johnston : - Tel: 028 8225 6315 or Email:

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