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Ulster American Heritage Symposium


Guidelines for Speakers and Presenters

These guidelines have been put together for the benefit of speakers.  We hope that the Symposium will be a lively and exciting platform for discussion and debate.  We are keen to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to share their research and take questions from delegates and we would ask all speakers to familiarize themselves with these guidelines in advance.

There are more than twenty sessions at the symposium, including eighteen parallel sessions, and over sixty speakers, using a number of locations within the Folk Park.  In order to manage the conference efficiently and to ensure that each speaker gets their full allotted time, it is important that sessions start and finish on time and that no speaker, however eloquent, overruns and takes time away from someone else.


1. General

Attendance at the Conference

If for any reason you are unable to attend the conference, please do let us know!  It is particularly frustrating for both the organisers, delegates at the conference, and your fellow panellists if you simply do not show up! So please keep us informed if you have any unforeseen delays, or if you are unable to attend. Please email or call us immediately if your plans change for any reason.



Please register on arrival at the conference.  You can register on Wednesday at the Symposium Reception or at the start of each day.   At Registration you should have your presentation available on a memory stick (jump drive) or CD for uploading.  All presentations will be uploaded to the laptops the day before the session.  If you are arriving later, please contact us to make alternative arrangements. 


After registration

Please make yourself known to the Chair of your session early in the Symposium.

You should also make arrangements to familiarise yourself with the room and the equipment at the first opportunity, and to check that everything works.


2. Paper & Panel Guidelines


Punctuality is a matter of professional courtesy and it is essential for the efficient running of the programme.  Sessions will begin on time, as scheduled in the programme.  We do need the full co-operation of all speakers.  Speakers and Panel Chairs should arrive at least 10 minutes early, to meet the panel and to  prepare any equipment.





If you wish to use visual aids (such as PowerPoint) or provide handouts please follow the technical guidelines in the accompanying web page ICT for Speakers.  Please complete the form provided to book the equipment you wish to use.

Please remember when getting your presentation together


Discussion and Questions

Discussion periods are designed for clarification of points made in your paper or to draw connections between the papers in the session.  



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