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''Ulster-American migration studies and public history'
27-30 June, 2012

ICT for Speakers at the UAH Symposium


Please read the following information carefully. We want to ensure that we reduce the scope for technical hitches to a minimum and that your presentation works first time.

Click here to download the form - please complete, giving details of your requirements.
This form must be returned to us by 15th June


We will be using two rooms for all sessions – the Assembly Room and the Library. A computer, microphone, wireless presenter with laser pointer and digital projector are available in each room. External laptops cannot be used as we cannot guarantee that your laptop will work with our setup.


Technical support will be available but our technician will be working across both venues and cannot be in two places at once.


You should bring with you a memory stick (jump drive) with your presentation loaded on it.

Your presentation must be preloaded onto the computer you are using the day before your session.

On registration, please confirm a time to do this and to familiarise yourself with how the technology works.




All items must be requested in advance


·     Our laptops use Windows XP/7 and Office 2010, with PowerPoint. It is your responsibility to make sure that your presentations will run with this software and operating system. Mac users should save their presentations as Office formats in advance. We are not able to upload any additional software to our machines.


·     Our DVD players are Region 2 (UK). A Video Cassette player for all regions is available.


·     Overhead projector


·     Slide projector


·     All electronic presentations should be preloaded onto a USB stick (Jump Drive) or CD. There are no card readers. Please save any audio recordings as separate files. Please ensure that the presentation is loaded to the designated computer no later than the evening before your session.


·     You will be able to access the Internet during your presentation in the Library and Assembly Room.





Photocopying, Printing & Handouts


·     Make sure you turn up with a hard copy of your presentation, and a sufficient number of paper handouts if you need to use them. We estimate that 50 copies is the maximum for any of the parallel sessions


·     Be aware that in the UK the standard size for paper is A4, you will need to format your documents to this size if you want to print or copy them in the UK.


·     Limited photocopying facilities are available in the Library but it is not possible to produce multiple copies for handouts.




Internet Access for private use


·     Internet access is available to speakers in the Library. However, as there is a full programme running in the Library, you will only be able to use the Internet at certain times, before the first morning session and after the last evening session, and during the lunch hour. Wi-Fi is not available on site.


·     Please make sure that you book hotel accommodation that has Internet access if you require it.


·     Internet access is also available in Omagh Library in the town centre. There is a charge and you should book in advance to ensure a PC is available


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