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Sixteenth Biennial Ulster-American Heritage Symposium

Conference Theme: Three Centuries of Ulster-American History, Tradition, and Shared Experience

Wednesday, June 28 - Saturday, July 1, 2006

The East Tennessee History Center is pleased to announce that it will host the Sixteenth Ulster-American Heritage Symposium in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since 1976 the Symposium has met every two years at a university or museum in Northern Ireland or the United States in order to encourage and promote the scholarly study and public awareness of connections between Ulster and North America in all their dimensions.

While programs in the past have provided the premier forum for historians to discuss the colonial-era immigration from Ulster and the settlement of the American interior and Southeast, the Ulster-American Heritage Symposium is by tradition and design inter-disciplinary, featuring papers on history, language and literature, folklore and folk life, archaeology, economics, religion, social and political relations, and music. This year's Symposium seeks to broaden the program offerings further by seeking scholarly papers on artistic traditions of all kinds, travel and tourism, and the American GI experience in Northern Ireland in the World War Two, among other topics. Original papers from any field that concern relations, links, and parallels between Ulster and North America over the past three hundred years are invited for presentation.

Knoxville promises to be an excellent venue for the Symposium. In the Scotch-Irish/Scots-Irish heartland of the country, it lies less than an hour from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and other major attractions. Comprising the East Tennessee Historical Society, the East Tennessee History Museum, and the McClung Historical Collection (a major genealogical library), the East Tennessee History Center has recently opened a new twenty-million-dollar facility in downtown Knoxville.

Special events planned for the Symposium will include

=> Plenary address "Ulster Immigrants and the Settlement of Tennessee," by Walter Durham, Tennessee State Historian

=> Tour and banquet at Ramsey House, a late-18th-century historic home and grounds in Marbledale, Tennessee

=> Plenary address on early architecture: "Stone Houses of Bluegrass Kentucky: Dwellings of the Ulster Gentry, 1780-1830" by Carolyn Murray-Wooley

=> Plenary session on the American GI experience in Northern Ireland in World War Two

=> Bluegrass concert at Jubilee Community Arts Center in Knoxville


Address any inquiries to the Co-Chairs of the Program Committee: Michael Montgomery ( or Michael Toomey (

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