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The Fourth Literature of Irish Exile Autumn School Centre for Migration Studies at the Ulster-American Folk Park, Omagh - Saturday, 18 October 2003 in pictures.

4th Literature Irish Exile

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In the morning there were lectures in the MCMS Library by Annesley Malley, Dr Brian Lambkin, and Piaras Mac Éinrí.

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Dr Brian Lambkin
Dr Piaras Mac Éinrí
Annesley Malley
Library Speakers Dr Patrick Fitzgerald



In the afternoon John Moulden took the participants around a Folk Park vibrant with sunshine and autumnal colours for his 'Songs of Emigration and Exile' in the Outdoor Museum.

Professor Patricia Coughlan and Piaras Mac Éinrí spoke on 'An Irishwoman in 19th century Paris and Paraguay: Anne Enright's The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch' (2001) and 'Homelands and other lands: 11September, Ireland and the Irish Diaspora', respectively.

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Inside Folk Park
Beautiful day
John Moulden
John Moulden
Leaving the cottage
Towards the print shop
John Moulden
Towards the ship
Boarding the ship
John Moulden sings
The 'New World'
Entering the log cabin
John Moulden
John Moulden

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