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MSSc in Irish Migration Studies

MSSc Dissertations 1996-2009

The following dissertations have been successfully completed as a requirement for the degree of Master of Social Science in Irish Migration Studies in the Queen’s University of Belfast and are available for consultation in the Library of the Centre for Migration Studies.

Adams, Jennifer (2002), ‘A Comparative Study of the Factors Influencing Students to Migrate to Great Britain in Recent Years’

Allen, William (2004), ‘Contemporary English and Welsh Migration to Northern Ireland, with emphasis on the Security Forces’

Arkinson, Patrick (2003), ‘The Theme of Migration in the Works of William Percy French’

Ayre, Sinéad (2000), ‘A Study of Hiring Fairs and the Hiring System in North West Ulster: their contribution to the process of Migration’

Brogan, Patrick (1998), ‘Social Change and the Agricultural Economy of County Tyrone, 1870-1910’

Brown, Rosemary (2003), ‘“Dear Diary”: Migrants In Their Own Words’

Browne, Doreen (2000), ‘Aspects of Migration from the Barony of Tyrhugh, Co Donegal, 1800-1900’

Burns, Liam (2001), ‘An Irish Catholic Community in the South Yorkshire Coalfields’

Cardwell, Evelyn (1999), ‘Emigration from East Tyrone to Colonial America, 1700-1776’

Compton, Raymond (2004), ‘Aspects of Baptist Migration in Ireland 1650-1930’

Connolly, John (2008), ‘MacCaffry, Counts of Keanmore: Forlorn Wild Geese or Pragmatic Migrants?’

Creighton, Frederick (2000), ‘Against the Tide: Church of Ireland Migration in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries’

Cunningham, Bronagh (2006), ‘Rural County Down: A Microstudy of Migration’

Donaldson, Lesley E. E. (2009), ‘The Hidden History of Industrial Belfast: A Microstudy of Immigration and Internal Migration in the Industrial Labour Force, Belfast 1901’

Doyle, Dessie (2008), ‘The Erne Schemers: An Assessment of the Social Impact of the Erne Hydro-Electric Scheme’

Dunlop, Eull (2006), ‘Far frae Kellswater: bicentenary reconsideration of emigrant attitudes of Professor Samuel Davidson (1806-98) of Belfast, Manchester and London, reluctantly returning in 1884’
Foley, Jack (2004), ‘“A Powerless Story Not Told”: a study of migration from the east Mayo/south Sligo region, 1800-2004’

Gillespie, Deirdre (1998), ‘Emigrant Letters: content and form’

Godfrey, Edward (1999), ‘Some Aspects of Irish Emigration to North America 1815-1820’

Hamill, John (2001), ‘1922: Male Military Migration and the National Army Census’

Johnston, Norman (1998), ‘The Effects of Famine and Migration in North West Tyrone 1841-1851’

Kelly, Gerry (2000), ‘Frampton: The Growth and Decline of an Irish Immigrant Settlement in French Canada in the Nineteenth Century’

Kelly, Roisín (2003), ‘The Derry Boat’

McCartan, Seán (2003), ‘Sir Ralph Lane’s Role in Migration and Colonisation during the reign of Elizabeth I’

McCarthy, Brendan (2001), ‘The Great Irish Famine, Diaspora and Commemoration’

McCaughey, Dermot (2000), ‘The Gaelic Athletic Association Abroad’

McCloy, Peter (1999), ‘The Irish Quakers Abroad’

McCormick, Colin (2003), ‘The Transportation of Irish Convicts: Legislation, Policy and Systems, 1700-1853’

McDaid, Don (2006), ‘The Movement of a Protestant Community from the west bank of the City of Derry/Londonderry during the years from 1971 to date’

McDermott, Seamais (2004), ‘A Separation of Time and Space: Migration from Monaghan to Prince Edward Island’

McEntee, Sean (2004), ‘The Emerald Social Club, Wolverhampton and the Migrant Irish Community of the English West Midlands’

McGee, Gillian (2002), ‘The Life and Times of James Newcomen Booker Gray: the study of an emigrant born Glenaughill, Co Longford, 1840, died Nocona, Texas, 1913’

McIntyre, Elizabeth (2006) ‘Comparative Views of Emigration from Donegal during the Famine period and the 1880s’

McIvor, Christine (2000), ‘The Atlantic Voyage in the Nineteenth Century’

McKeegan, Wilma (2005), ‘Irish Migration and Orangeism in Nineteenth Century Lancashire’

McKenna, Eileen (2008), ‘The Story of Irish Migration in the Life of John Hughes, first Catholic Archbishop of New York’

Maguire, Seamus (2006), ‘The Irish National School System of Education: Effects on Migrants in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries’

Mayes, Gillian (1998), ‘“A Tale of Two Cities”: A Comparative Study of Irish Migration and Crime Rates in Cork and Liverpool 1871-1901’

Mannion, Susan (2001), ‘A Study of the Architecture of Migration in County Tyrone during the Plantation Period, 1610-1622’

Moore, Allison (2002), ‘Leaving the Port: Emigration from Portrush and District 1700-1850, and the Travels of a Presbyterian Minister in the Early Nineteenth Century’

Muldoon, James (2004), ‘Irish Military Migrants’

Murnaghan Hugh (2008), ‘In Search of the Wild Rover: Irish Connections to Piracy and Migration in the English-Speaking World, 1600-1730’

O’Connell, Philip (2001), ‘An Embattled Minority: The Protestant Community of County Cavan from Settlement to Famine, 1610-1850’

O’Hanlon, Brian (1999), ‘Protestant Migration from the Border Counties 1911-1931’

O’Kane, Kathleen (2001), ‘The O’Cahans of County Derry’

Olphert, Ruth (2004), ‘A Study of the Role of Presbyterian Ministers in Migration from Ulster to Colonial America, 1636-1718’

Reid, Shirley (2000), ‘The Growth and Decline of Newry as an Emigrant Port’

Robinson, Margaret (2006), ‘The Migrations of the Tenants of the Kilwarlin Estate, Hillsborough, Co. Down 1770-1845’

Scanlon, Patrick (2001), ‘Entrepreneurial Aspirations of Non-Irish Nationals’

Spence, Eric (2007), ‘Student Migrant – ‘Brain Drain’ of Students from Omagh Schools’

Steele, Linda (2004), ‘Educated to Emigrate? A Local Study of Lislea School 1824-1966’

Sullivan, Mary (2005), ‘Who was Thomas Kittle? Aspects of Emigration from County Cavan’
Sullivan, Thomas (2007), ‘Wherever you go you find a Catholic congregation: Aspects of the Catholic Missionary Movement from the Diocese of Kilmore to North America in the Nineteenth Century’

Walsh, John (1998), ‘American Civil War – Irish Experience: Emigration from Ireland to America in the Civil War Years, 1861-65, a study of society, movement and motivation’

Williams, Ken (1998), ‘The Evolution of the Port of Derry as an Emigrant Port’ 


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