16/10/17 - Adverse Weather

Queen's will be open tomorrow as usual. If there are any developments during the night that would put staff and student safety at risk, then a further announcement will be made at 6am tomorrow morning.  Read more on this >


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact any member of staff directly with a query. If you are not sure who to direct your query to then please use the general office contact details in the first instance.

NamePositionE-Mail Ext
Helen McNeely (Acting) Head of Academic Affairs h.mcneely@qub.ac.uk 3019
Karen Henderson Quality Assurance Team Leader k.henderson@qub.ac.uk 3384
Eileen Devlin (0.5fte) Collaborative Provision (UK and Ireland) e.devlin@qub.ac.uk 3003
Clare McVeigh (0.5fte) Collaborative Provision (International) c.mcveigh@qub.ac.uk 3307
Catherine McCorry Courses and Regulations c.t.mccorry@qub.ac.uk 5074
Angela Douglas Quality Assurance Administrator a.douglas@qub.ac.uk  3492
Dr Michelle Spence PGR Regulations and Quality Assurance Team Leader michelle.spence@qub.ac.uk 2580
Dr David Coleman Quality Assurance Administrator  d.coleman@qub.ac.uk  3499
Jenny Brown Quality Assurance Administrator jenny.brown@qub.ac.uk 1414
Estelle Leckey Complaints and Appeals Team Leader  e.leckey@qub.ac.uk  5333
Brian Slevin  Complaints and Appeals Administrator  b.slevin@qub.ac.uk  3156
Support Staff      
Vacant Office Manager


Tracey Graham Clerical Officer t.graham@qub.ac.uk 3322
Melissa Moore Clerical Officer m.moore@qub.ac.uk 3005
Sarah Rogan Clerical Officer s.rogan@qub.ac.uk 3002

Academic Affairs is based at:

Level 6
Administration Building
Queen's University Belfast

Telephone:  028 9097 3006
Fax:  028 9097 5110