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Please feel free to contact any member of staff directly with a query. If you are not sure who to direct your query to then please use the general office contact details in the first instance.

NamePositionE-Mail Ext
Helen McNeely

Head of Student and Academic Affairs 3019
Dr Michelle Spence

Acting Head of Academic Affairs / Head of Quality Assurance and Regulations  2580
Jenny Brown  Quality Assurance and Regulations Administrator  1414
Dr David Coleman  Quality Assurance and Regulations Administrator  3499
Chloe Hastings  Scholarships and Awards Graduate Intern  1530
Estelle Leckey Head of Appeals and Complaints 5333
Becky Ferguson Appeals and Complaints Administrator 3156
Anna Bell Appeals and Complaints Administrator 3167
Lorraine Lavery Head of Educational Governance and Partnerships 3384
Catherine McCorry Programme Management 5074
Eileen Devlin (0.5fte) Collaborative Provision (UK and Ireland) 3003
Clare McVeigh (0.5fte) Collaborative Provision (International) 3307
Angela Douglas Educational Governance and Partnerships Administrator  3492
Tina Mawhinney Office Manager

Tracey Graham Clerical Officer 3322
Simon Foster Clerical Officer   3002
Vacant Clerical Officer   3005

Academic Affairs is based at:

Level 6
Administration Building
Queen's University Belfast

Telephone:  028 9097 3006