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This Queen’s Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes (RDPs) applies to all the RDPs (including the research elements of Professional Doctorates) and has been developed with full cognisance of the UK Quality Code, Chapter B11, Research Degrees (June 2012)Following the publication of guidance to support the new UK Quality Code (expected by November 2018), this Queen’s Code of Practice for RDPs will be reviewed.  The Code of Practice for RDPs‌ has been written for students, staff, examiners, and other stakeholders.  It provides links to the Study Regulations for Research Degree Programmes, and outlines University procedures, processes and areas of good practice‌.

Higher Doctorates:

The Higher Doctorates page outlines the Higher Doctorates awarded by Queen’s, as well as admissions information, and a link to the Study Regulations for Higher Doctorates.

Key Contacts:

For further advice on the Regulations, Code of Practice or other quality assurance issues relating to Research Degree Programmes, contact Dr Michelle Spence (, extension 2580), or Mrs Jenny Brown (, extension 1414). 

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