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University-wide Postgraduate Scholarships and Awards

Alumni Postgraduate Awards

These awards established in 1994 and funded by Queen’s University and Bank of Ireland are available to provide financial support for postgraduate research students at Queen's.  Award holders will be selected primarily on the basis of academic merit, including previous academic performance.

The Alumni Postgraduate Awards are designed to provide financial support for postgraduate research students at Queen's, and may be used as contributions toward tuition fees or subsistence, or to provide a travel scholarship or for such other purposes as are approved by the University.  One or more awards will be available in any one year, as funds permit.  Any contribution towards fees will take into account the applicant's mode of study and financial circumstances, while awards for travel will not exceed the normal maximum travel scholarship award.  Award holders will be selected primarily on the basis of academic merit, including previous academic performance.

Award holders must hold a good honours degree and, in addition, must be either alumni of the Queen's University of Belfast; or the sons or daughters of alumni of the Queen's University of Belfast.  Award holders must also, by the date on which the award is made, be registered as full-time or part-time research students in any School of the University.  Awards are made for one year initially and may be renewed annually up to a maximum of two times.  Applicants need not apply for these awards, which are allocated each year by the Postgraduate Student Centre.

(Amended February 2006, May 2011, November 2012)  

Convocation Studentship

This Studentship was established in 2010 by Convocation, Queen’s University Belfast to promote the involvement of Convocation in the University and to strengthen ties between the graduate body and Convocation.

One Studentship, tenable for one year, will be awarded to a maximum value of £5,000 and will normally be awarded annually to one student.

The award is not automatically renewable however a student may reapply in consecutive years.

Applicants must be graduates of Queen’s University Belfast and eligible to be members of Convocation.

Applicants must also already be accepted to study for a postgraduate research qualification (PhD, MSc and MPhil) at Queen’s University in any discipline. 

The Studentship is open to full-time postgraduate students only.

The Studentship can only be awarded to an applicant not already holding any other form of award for their postgraduate studies.

Applicants must hold a good honours degree (minimum standard 2.1 or above) and should complete an application form which can be downloaded from the Postgraduate Office website:

The deadline for applications is 5pm on 31 August. All applications should be submitted to the Postgraduate Office, Queen’s University Belfast.

A panel comprising members of Convocation and the Postgraduate Office will be convened to review applications and the recipient will be selected on the basis of a clear demonstration of a considerable level of creativity within the research proposed. This will be assessed from the information provided by the applicant on the application form.

In the event of a tie between two students, the Studentship may be split into two awards up to £2,500 each. The award may not be split more than two ways.  If the panel cannot identify a suitable recipient for the Studentship in any one year, Convocation reserves the right not to make an award but may decide to make two awards the following year.

The Chair of Convocation will formally make the award and inform the successful applicant in writing.

The recipient of the Studentship will be required to submit an annual report of their progress to Convocation.

Convocation will fund the Studentship for an initial period of three years and will then review the award.

May 2010

Sir Robert Hart Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 1914 in memory of Sir Robert Hart, Pro-Chancellor of The Queen's University of Belfast from 1909 to 1911.  The scholarship will be offered for award annually.  It will be of the value of approximately £650 per annum subject to availability of funds.  The scholarship is tenable for one year but may, at the discretion of the Postgraduate Student Centre, be awarded a second time to a candidate.

The scholarship shall be awarded to a graduate of the University who is engaged upon research or other advanced work of a literary, historical, legal, linguistic, anthropological or sociological nature, which, in the opinion of the Postgraduate Office, is worthy of special encouragement, preference being given to persons engaged upon such research or other advanced work in connection with the Far East.

The scholarship, which is open to full-time or part-time students, may be held with any other studentship or scholarship of the University.

Application must be made on the prescribed form to the Postgraduate Student Centre by the advertised closing date (normally March).

(August 2006, November 2012)

The George J Mitchell Scholarships

Established in 1998.  There are no restrictions as to academic field of study.  The first group of Mitchell Scholars will begin their studies in Ireland and Northern Ireland in autumn 2000, in the seven universities in the Republic and the two universities in Northern Ireland, for one academic year of postgraduate study.  The universities are contributing tuition and room for the Scholar.  In addition, each Scholar will receive a stipend of $11,000 to cover other necessary expenses for the term of study (see

August 2006

Higginson Leadership Award

(See Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards)

Larmor-University Studentships  

Larmor Studentships and Scholarships were founded in 1943 under the will of Sir Joseph Larmor, FRS, for the purpose of augmenting the emoluments otherwise held by specially deserving students. They are therefore only tenable by holders of other financial awards eg a fees only award.  They have since been supplemented from University funds and are therefore now called Larmor-University Studentships.

Candidates from any subject area may apply but to be eligible for consideration, they must:

  1. have obtained, not more than three years previously, a good honours degree from any institution; and
  2. hold another award from the University or from some other source; and
  3. be enrolled or intend to enrol at Queen's as full-time or part-time postgraduate students for research on an approved course.

Students who have not yet fulfilled all the conditions of eligibility but who expect to do so before the date upon which the studentships will be awarded are encouraged to apply.

The value of the award will depend on the funds available, but will be such that, when added to the other awards held, the total does not exceed the value of a government-financed postgraduate studentship such as a Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) studentship covering stipend and fees.   In recent years the awards have been in the region of £2,000 - £3,000.

Normally at least two awards will be made each year and will be tenable for one year in the first instance but may be renewed for a further year.   If money is available additional awards may be made to postgraduate research students under the same conditions.

Applicants for the Larmor-University studentships must submit an application form which may be downloaded from the Postgraduate Student Centre website ( by the specified closing date (normally March each year).   All candidates will be required to give details of any other emoluments for research for which they have applied or which may be awarded to them before the date of the award of the Larmor-University Studentship.

The Head of Postgraduate Student Centre or his nominee will convene a panel to assess the applications, which based on the research, academic and financial merits of the applications, will select the Larmor-University Studentship recipients.

Amended November 2012

Queen's Graduates’ Association Scholarships

Two awards of £2,500 each shall be made each year to high calibre graduates on the condition that they return to Queen's to undertake postgraduate study.  The successful students shall be selected from the three faculties, which shall be rotated each year, e.g. Engineering and Physical Sciences in 2006-07, Medicine, Health and Life Sciences in 2007-08 and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in 2008-09.

The Heads of School from the relevant faculty shall be asked to nominate a student from their school who has demonstrated academic excellence and is returning to Queen's for postgraduate study.  The nominated students shall then be asked to do a presentation to a selection panel consisting of representatives from the QUA, the Scholarships and Awards Sub-Committee and the Development Office, where they shall be required to propose positively their idea for postgraduate study.

The selection panel shall then select the successful recipients, based on who had made the best presentations.  The Scholarship shall be paid in equal tranches at the beginning of each semester. 

Revised Regulations May 2006

Ulster Gift Fund Scholarship

(See Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards)

University-Industry Research and Development Awards

1. University-Industry Research and Development Awards were established in 1980 from royalties' income received by the University over a number of years in connection with the industrial and commercial application of University research.

2. The purpose of the awards, which are available to registered full-time or part-time research students of the University, is to encourage and support the pursuit of research and development of interest to industry and commerce.  The development of ideas from research for possible commercial exploitation will also be an acceptable objective.  Programmes should preferably involve contact with local industry and commerce.

3. The value of an award will be typically equivalent to the value of a government-financed postgraduate studentship, covering a maintenance stipend and home tuition fees.  One award will be made annually every four years out of five, with no award being made in the fifth year to allow sufficient accumulation of funds to maintain the value of the award.  

4. Applications for the University-Industry Research and Development Awards must submit an application form which may be downloaded from the Postgraduate Office website ( by the specified closing date (normally at the end of May each year).

5. Awards will be made by the Postgraduate Office on the recommendation of an awards panel drawn from the Directorate of Research and Regional Services.