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The Alan Astin Memorial Fund

The Alan Astin Fund was established by his many friends to commemorate the achievements of the late Professor A E Astin, MA (Oxon), OBE, who died on 3 June 1991, after a career in education, scholarship and the arts.  He was Chairman of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and in Queen's University he was Professor of Ancient History and at various times a Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Dean of the Faculty of Theology.

The purpose of the fund is to help young people to travel in the mediterranean world, for reasons connected with ancient historical or architectural scholarship.

One bursary is available from the fund annually; it will be available in alternate years to students of Architecture and to students of Ancient History.

Students in their first and second years who are studying Ancient History or Architecture may apply for the bursary in the year in which it will be granted to a student in their subject by submitting to the Head of the School of History and Anthropology or to the Director of the School of the Built Environment as appropriate (or to their nominees) before 1 May a short written statement (on a form provided) of how they would propose to use the bursary if awarded. 

Selection of the recipient of the bursary will be made by a panel drawn from the academics teaching Ancient History and from those teaching Architecture, with an assessor representing the Arts Council of Northern Ireland; the panel will give due weight to proposals submitted and to the candidates' performance in university examinations in Ancient History or Architecture.

The value of the bursary is currently £400 per annum but will be subject to the income generated by the Fund.

January 2010, March 2013

The Robert McCormick Travel Bursary

This bursary, which is offered in memory of the late Robert McCormick, will be awarded each year to a level two student of Spanish in the School of Modern Languages, whose exceptional academic performance merits recognition. This will normally be at first class level.

The annual value of the bursary for 2013 is £625.  One award of £625 will be made. All level two students enrolled on the Bachelor of Arts Spanish degree programme who are proceeding to a third year placement in Spain are eligible for consideration by the Board of Examiners.

Additional information:

Structures in place for making the award:

(i)     The bursary will be advertised to all incoming level 2 students in the course documentation of the second year core language programme; details will also be included on the School/subject area website.

(ii)    The purpose of the award is to facilitate and enhance the intercultural competence of students on their year abroad in Spain.

(iii)   One award of  £625 will normally be made to a student who, in the judgement of the internal and external examiners, has performed exceptionally well on the BA degree programme. The minimum standard of first class has been set in order to clarify ‘exceptional’ for the panel, and to act as an incentive for students (in academic terms, but also with regard to preparing for placement abroad).

(iv)   The bursary will be awarded by the School on the recommendation of the exam board and will be distributed at the School Awards ceremony which takes place annually in the DFC on Graduation Day. We would be delighted if the benefactor would join us at this short ceremony and reception.

Spanish and Portuguese Studies is currently in receipt of a University Foundation scholarship offered to the student with the highest marks in first year and a Xavier Giralt Award made to the student (or students) whose academic performance is exceptional at final year. This award, therefore, is particularly welcome in that it will allow us to reward second year students in a way that we have not been able to do before. 

May 2010, March 2013

The Samuel and Sarah Ferguson Travel Prize

(See Medals and Prizes)

The Bar Library Travel Scholarship

The Scholarship will be awarded to assist an undergraduate student in the Common and Civil Law with Languages degree with travel and additional costs for the year they spend at another European University

The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the highest average marks in examinations taken by full-time Common and Civil Law with Language students in their second year of study (level 2 courses) and will be on the basis of results of January and June examinations only.

Candidates must be embarking the next academic year on a year of study as part of their degree.

The selection process is competitive and the decision of the School is final.

This prize will be to the value of £2,000 and will be awarded after the June Examination Board.

November 2009 (New)

School of Music and Sonic Arts

Sir Hamilton Harty Scholarships

The first scholarship was founded in 1959 in memory of Sir Hamilton Harty.   Additional awards were founded in 1967 and thereafter as a result of further gifts from Miss Olive Baguley.

The purpose of the award is to enable a student to travel in Europe, either during the long vacation of the year in which it is awarded, or during the following academic year.   It will be used either for the pursuit of music studies, or for a visit to a music festival, or both; the arrangements must be approved by the Head of School.   It may be awarded to a student in any year of a course.

The scholarships will be awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Head of the School of Music & Sonic Arts, to students in the School of Music & Sonic Arts who are studying for the BMus, BSc Music Technology or BA (major/minor) Music degree.   At least one scholarship may be of a maximum value of £1,500, if the candidate's project so merits.

A scholarship will normally not be awarded more than once to any one student.

Reviewed May 2006

Institute of Theology

Theology - Postgraduate Travel Scholarship

In order to encourage postgraduate research students to attend and participate in relevant conferences associated with their field of study, the Institute of Theology will award up to four travel scholarships each year to the value of £250, tenable for one year, to postgraduate research students in the Institute of Theology (registered part-time or full-time for either a PhD or MPhil degree).

Students should make application to the Theology Postgraduate Research Committee in writing, giving the following details:

  • the proposed conference/event
  • dates, location and duration of trip
  • reason for attendance:  for example, participation in a conference such as presenting a paper

All applications should come with the supervisor's written support.   Normally a travel scholarship will be awarded to a student once only.   The closing date for applications will be 1 November each academic year.   Awards will be made on the recommendation of the Theology Postgraduate Research Committee.

Payments will be made post-event, subject to the submission of relevant receipts.

April 2006