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University-wide Travel Scholarships

The Alan Graham Fund

This fund was established in 1985 by family, friends, and colleagues to honour the memory of Alan Graham, who, as an academic in the field of American Studies (1950-1978) and as Secretary to Academic Council (1978-1984), earned widespread respect and affection throughout the University.

The annual income from the fund will be applied as follows:

A travel scholarship of approximately £800 shall be awarded annually to an undergraduate or postgraduate student to pursue a period of study or research in North America.  Preference will be given to a candidate whose study or research is in the field of American Studies.

A proportion of the income may be reinvested annually to maintain the value of the fund.

The award shall be made by the Academic Council, on the recommendation of the Scholarships and Awards Group.

In the event of there being no suitable candidate of sufficient merit, two awards may be made in the succeeding year, the income may be reinvested.

Application forms for the travel scholarship may be obtained from the Student Guidance Centre, with whom they must be lodged normally in January.

Amended March 2007, July 2010, November 2011

Sir Thomas Dixon Travelling Scholarships 

These scholarships were founded by Edith, Lady Dixon, DBE, in 1962 in memory of her husband Sir Thomas Dixon, Bart.

1. One or more travelling scholarships may be awarded each year to undergraduate or postgraduate students of the University intending to pursue cultural activities abroad.

2. The scholarships will be awarded by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the Scholarships and Awards Group.   The value of the scholarships and the conditions under which they are to be held will be approved in each case by the Academic Council.

3. The holder of a scholarship will be required to furnish a report to Academic Affairs on the activities engaged in during the tenure of the scholarships.

4. Applications on the appropriate form should be made to Academic Affairs, normally November and January of each year.

Amended March 2007, November 2011

Emily Sarah Montgomery Scholarships

These scholarships were instituted in 1961 under a bequest of Miss Emily Sarah Montgomery.  One or more scholarships are awarded annually to postgraduate students of the University who are enrolled for approved courses of study in this University for the purpose of travel outside Ireland in connection with a programme of research or further education approved by the Academic Council.  The value and tenure of the scholarship shall be such as is approved by the Academic Council in each case.  The scholarships are tenable with any other award (other than a travelling scholarship or travel grant) of this or any other university.

Applications on the appropriate form should be made to Academic Affairs, normally November and January of each year.

Amended March 2007, November 2011

William & Betty MacQuitty Travel Scholarships

During the course of a long and varied career, Dr William Baird MacQuitty has achieved distinction as a photographer, author, banker and film-producer (e.g. A Night to Remember, about the sinking of the Titanic).  He was founding Managing Director of UTV, and his wife Betty, economist and author, was UTV Vice-Chairman for many years.

The MacQuitty Scholarships were established in 1999 to provide travel funds for Queen's postgraduates.  Applicants must be planning to travel outside Ireland to further their education, and they must explain how their proposed trip demonstrates the principle "travel broadens the mind".  Preference may be given to applicants whose travel involves study of global environmental issues.

Application forms are available from Academic Affairs, normally in November.  Award-holders will be required to submit a report to the Scholarships & Awards Sub-Committee at the conclusion of their awards.

September 2006

First Trust Travel Scholarship

The TSB Travel Scholarship has been renamed the First Trust Travel Scholarship, at the request of the First Trust Bank, in recognition of the merger and name change from to TSB to First Trust which took place in 1992.

This scholarship was established in 1982 through a donation by the Trustee Savings Bank of Northern Ireland to the Development Appeal.

One scholarship of up to £800 may be awarded annually to an undergraduate or graduate student of the University for the purpose of travel outside the British Isles in connection with a programme planned to extend their educational experience.

The value and tenure of the award and the conditions under which it may be held will be approved by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the Scholarships and Awards Group.  The award is not tenable with any other travel scholarship or travel grant.  The holder of the scholarship will be required to furnish a report to the Committee on the completion of the programme.

Application forms for the scholarship may be obtained from the Academic Affairs Office and should be submitted to this Office, normally in January, accompanied by a short statement of the programme to be followed.

Last Revised: September 2006, July 2010, November 2011

Helen Ramsey Turtle Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 1947 by the Ulster-American Friendship Committee in memory of Mrs Helen Ramsey Turtle.

1.  The scholarship is henceforth open to graduates of the University, who intend to travel to North America for a period extending over not less than eight weeks, in connection with a programme of study.  The scholarships are intended for travel within North America, not for travel to and from North America.

2.  Normally the Scholarship will be awarded to one recipient only and will be of at least £800 in value.  The Panel however reserves the discretion to split the award if there is more than one exceptional candidate.  Where the Scholarship is shared, the award will be of at least £200 per person in value.

3.  Applicants will be expected to outline clearly what they hope to gain personally from their experience in North America, and how they intend to use this experience to benefit the wider community upon their return to Northern Ireland.

4.  The scholarship may be awarded annually or at less frequent intervals and may be held concurrently with any other studentship or scholarship.

For further particulars apply to Academic Affairs, to which applications should be normally submitted by 30 April in each year.

Amended: September 2006, February 2012

Queen's University Belfast Mobility Scholarships 2012-13


Queen’s University Belfast is pleased to announce new scholarships funded by Santander UK, with the assistance of Grupo Santander to support scholarship and mobility in the context of exchanges between Queen's and universities in Latin America and Europe.

As a member of Santander Universities, Queen's is committed to providing opportunities to students which will develop strong links with key institutions in Latin America. Santander Universities began its activity in Spain in 1997 with one main objective: to support higher education. For more information on Santander Universities, visit 

Application Process

The application process is open to all Schools. The funds are available for postgraduate students to undertake research and educational activities in European and Brazilian Universities with particular focus on institutions with existing partnerships with Queen’s (University of São Paulo, Pontífica Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro and Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro). The scholarships are primarily intended to support a student during the academic year 2012/13 (including summer period) at a partner institution and will cover travel and accommodation expenses.

The following scholarships are available: 

  • 9 x £5k studentships for postgraduate students
  • 5 x £1k scholarships to support mainly postgraduate student trips to Europe 
  • 2 x €5000 scholarships for postgraduate students

Application forms are available from each School’s Website or email circulation lists. Candidates are invited to apply within their respective Schools by sending a CV and completed application form by email to the relevant School contact by the 30th November 2012.

Selection and Ranking Process

Applications will be selected at School level by a selection panel nominated by the Head of School normally comprising of the Head of School, Director of Research Cluster and Director of Education or their nominees. The allocation of scholarships will be made by the Brazil Strategy Group based on School rankings and taking into account the University’s internationalization strategy.  Successful candidates will receive notification through their School office. Award-holders are responsible for their own travel and visa arrangements and will be required to submit a report to the School on return from their visit.

Each School is required to make recommendations for awards to Bridget Carey ( by December. This should include all the applications received and a ranking sheet (including reserve candidates) which outlines the School’s rationale for ranking and selection. The Group is responsible for making the final allocation which will be submitted to the Scholarships and Awards Group.

No award will be made if, in the judgement of the Selection Panel, no application of sufficient merit is received.

Schools are asked to consider the following during the ranking and selection process:

-  Alignment between the proposed project and the School’s internationalisation activities in Europe and Brazil

-  Confirmation that the hosting institution is willing to accept the student member

-  Potential for the mobility scholarship to further develop existing links with partnering institutions

-  Adequacy of justification of resources

-  Impact of the proposed visit on the applicant’s commitments at Queen’s

Publicity and reporting mechanism

Each School is responsible for publicising the call for applications through relevant publications and websites. Schools are required to provide information on each award, including a short report by the award holder. This information will form the basis of an annual report to be submitted to the funders. 

November 2012, May 2013