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Gibson Scholarships

These scholarships, founded in 1913 under the will of William Gibson, Belfast and London, for the promotion and encouragement of education in agriculture and the cultivation and management of land for profit, are awarded to undergraduates and postgraduatesof the University who were born in Northern Ireland.  Preference will be given to students born in County Down or County Antrim and to undergraduates rather than postgraduate candidates.

1. Undergraduate scholarships are of an annual value of £100 and tenable for four years (pro-rata for part-time study), provided that the scholar pursues the prescribed course or courses of study to the satisfaction of the School of Biological Sciences.  One scholarship is offered for award each year, but additional scholarships may be awarded in any year in which sufficient funds are available.

2. Undergraduate scholarships shall be tenable only by registered students in the School of Biological Sciences and candidates must pursue a course of study for a degree in Agricultural Technology in the School of Biological Sciences.

3. The scholarships will be awarded on the recommendation of a Board of Electors consisting of the Head of School of Biological Sciences and Directors of Education.

4. Candidates must apply to the Head of School of Biological Sciences normally not later than October 1 in the year in which the scholarship is offered.

Application forms may be obtained from the School Office.

Amended May 2011

School of Biological Sciences

The Richard Gresson Bursary

The Richard Gresson Bursary was established in 1998, from the legacy of Mrs Helen Gresson, in the name of her husband who was Professor of Zoology in the Queen's University of Belfast from 1949 to 1964.  The function of the bursary is to support undergraduates, registered for degrees in the School of Biological Sciences, or its successor, who wish to develop research expertise in areas of cancer research.

The bursary will provide financial support for a student, who has successfully completed all modules in Stages I and II, to undertake supervised research for a period of up to ten weeks during the summer vacation (or as the income allows).  This will normally be carried out prior to entering Stage III.  The research must be on an aspect of cancer research, and will be undertaken in a laboratory within the School of Biological Sciences, or its successor.

The bursary will be advertised to students during the second semester of each year, and will be approximately equal in value to the annual income from the Fund.  Applications should be submitted in writing to the Head of the School of Biological Sciences by 31 May.  The bursary will be awarded competitively on the basis of marks obtained in Stage I and II examinations, and by interview by a committee constituted by the Head of School.

August 2006

School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

Dr Cecilia Williamson Studentship

This studentship is derived from a bequest by the late Dr Cecilia Florence Williamson who died in June 1964.   The studentship will be awarded annually for the best undergraduate or postgraduate research and/or training proposal(s) submitted for work related to Epidemiology and Public Health.   The value of the award will not exceed £3,000 in any one year, though more than one award may be made, based on the merit of proposals submitted.   It is tenable for full or part-time study and may be held with any other award of the University.   Applications should be addressed to the Head of the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences.

Amended March 2007, March 2012

Finnegan Scholarship in Clinical Medicine

This scholarship, founded in 1936 under the will of David Finnegan in memory of himself and of his cousin, John Finnegan, the first Secretary of the University, is intended for the encouragement of the study of clinical medicine.  It will be awarded to enable graduates of Medicine from the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences to undertake an approved period of study in clinical medicine outside Northern Ireland.  The value of the award will be determined by the income available and may be used for travel, fees or other costs involved in the research or study.  Awards will be made on the recommendation of the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences Scholarships Committee. These scholarships are not tenable with any other travelling scholarships.

Amended June 2006, March 2012, November 2013

John G Gibson Memorial Trust

The John G Gibson memorial trust was founded in 1979 in memory of Professor Gibson, the foundation Professor of Mental Health at the Queen’s University of Belfast.  Money from the Trust is to be used to support educational and research activities in the field of Mental Health.

Grants may be made in the form of bursaries to support medical students on elective visits to psychiatric units outside Northern Ireland.  Grants may also be made to support research in Northern Ireland in the field of Mental Health by way of provision of travel grants to support research.  The travel involved should fulfil one of the following criteria:

(a) to learn new techniques; 
(b) to present data from research carried out in Northern Ireland;
(c) to attend a conference directly relevant to the applicant’s research.

In all cases a brief outline of the research related to the application should be supplied.

Grants shall be made on the recommendation of the Division of Psychiatry in association with the Trustees and with the approval of the Head of School of Medicine and Dentistry.  In recommending such grants, the Trustees shall determine the amount and duration of such grants and the conditions under which any other grant is made.  Applications for the grants above should be made to the Trustees through the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Part of the funds held by the Trustees are also for the purpose of stimulating interest in Mental Health among pupils at schools.  Projects designed for this purpose must be in consultation or association with the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health and can be put forward to the Trustees through the Division of Psychiatry.

Such projects are adjudicated upon by the Trustees.  Such projects must demonstrate that they are likely to increase the knowledge of mental health issues among school pupils.  Projects that also aim to promote a constructive attitude towards people with mental illness will be particularly favoured.

June 2006

Dr Henry Hutchinson-Stewart Medical Scholarships

These scholarships, each of the value of £600 per annum approximately, are derived from a bequest from the Dr Henry Hutchinson-Stewart Trust.  They are tenable for three years and are awarded annually at the end of second year, to the candidates who obtain the top six places in the Phase One & Two examinations in core subjects.

June 2006, Revised May 2014

Magrath Clinical Scholarships

These scholarships were founded under the will of the late Mrs Fanny Magrath of White Croft, Sussex, who died in May 1912, and was the widow of Dr John Magrath, a former student of Queen's College, Belfast.   Their total estimated value is about £1,450 per year.   They will be awarded for proficiency in reports of cases at the bedside.

1. The scholarships shall be awarded annually in
(a) Medicine, including Clinical Pathology,
(b) Surgery,
(c) Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
(d) Ophthalmology;
the value of (a), (b) and (c) being each £400 and (d) £250.   Nothing in these regulations precludes a candidate from winning all the scholarships, but the successful candidate for any one scholarship must attain a satisfactory standard in each of the subjects of the examination.

2.  Any eligible student intending to compete shall fill up the prescribed form, obtainable from the School of Medicine and Dentistry Office, before the end of February.   A fee of £5.00 is payable (refundable on completion of all components of the examination).   The examination shall be completed before June 1.

3.  Candidates for these scholarships shall be required to undertake clinical examinations in medicine, surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology and ophthalmology.

4.  The Board of Examiners for the scholarships shall consist of the Directors of the relevant Divisions for the following subject areas of 
(a) Surgery,
(b) Medicine,
(c) Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
(d) Pathology and
(e) Ophthalmology.

The Board of Examiners may require any candidate at any time to submit supplemental or additional reports.   They shall also require candidates to submit themselves for oral or such other examination or test in prescribed subjects as the Board of Examiners may decide.

June 2006

H. W. Rodgers Student Fund

This fund was founded in 1973 from donations from present and former colleagues of Professor H.W. Rodgers to mark their appreciation of his services during his tenure of the Chair of Surgery.  The income on the fund is to be used for such purposes connected with undergraduate or postgraduate medical education, including travel, or research as shall be decided on the advice of the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences Scholarships Committee.  In recommending such grants the School shall determine their amount and specify any special conditions attaching. 

Amended June 2006, March 2012, February 2014

William S. Spear and John James Bell Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 1948 by Dr J. J. Bell, formerly a student of Queen's College, Belfast, in commemoration of his friend William Spear and for the recognition of distinction in anatomical studies. 

The scholarship will be used to support the travel costs of students who are selected to take an optional placement year of research and study at one of the school’s partner universities in the USA. The scholarship may also be used in conjunction with travel to any other international University with which Queens University has a formal placement relationship. The scholarship will be awarded annually on the recommendation of the Director of the Centre for Biomedical Sciences Education and is open to students enrolled in the Human Biology or Biomedical Science programmes. An annual fund of £1800 will be subdivided equally amongst those students who acquire a place to a maximum of £600 per student. The scholarship may be held with any other studentship or scholarship in the University.

June 2006, May 2013

The Sarah Colquhoun Bursaries

These were established in October 2000 by the Will of Ellen Sandes, in memory of her mother, Sarah Colquhoun.  All full-time and part-time medical students are eligible to apply, for amounts up to the maximum student loan, provided they have exhausted all other avenues/entitlements.  A Committee will determine the recipients.