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University-wide Scholarships and Awards

Guinness Sports Bursaries at Queen’s

Sport has always been a traditional part of student life and Queen’s can boast some of the finest university sports facilities in the British Isles.  Through the Sports Bursaries scheme, which is funded by the University and from a donation from Arthur Guinness Son & Co (Northern Ireland) Ltd, gifted athletes of good academic standing can participate in high level sports at national and international levels while at the same time promoting themselves and the University.  Between ten and sixteen bursaries of up to £500 each will normally be available each year.

1. Sports Bursaries will be awarded by the Sports Bursaries Committee (hereafter ‘the Committee’).  The Committee will include representatives of the University Sports Committee, the Students’ Union and Arthur Guinness Son & Co (Northern Ireland) Ltd.

2. The scholarships will be open to candidates who are enrolled full-time students at The Queen’s University of Belfast or recognised colleges of the University.

3. Bursaries may be held in addition to and concurrently with any other award which the bursary holder may receive from local education and/or other grant-awarding bodies.

4. The closing date for applications will be November 30 of the relevant academic year.  Copies of the application form may be obtained from The Physical Education Centre.

5. Bursaries will normally be awarded to candidates who, in the view of the Committee, have demonstrated:-

(i) that they have outstanding ability in the field of sporting activity;

(ii) that they represent, or intend to represent, the University in appropriate sporting competitions; and

(iii) that they also meet the admissions requirement of the scheme of study they wish to pursue, or that they have achieved the required standard in the university examinations.

6. Bursaries will not normally be awarded to those routinely taking part in open competitions as representatives of other clubs or organisations except where there is no University club representing the sport.

7. The Committee may use whatever means of assessment it thinks most appropriate in order to determine which candidates are worthy for the award of the bursary.

8. If, in the view of the Committee, cases arise of equality of attainment the Committee reserves the right to divide one or more of the bursaries.

9. If, in the view of the Committee, there are few or no candidates of sufficient merit, the Committee reserves the right to withhold some or all of the bursaries.

10. The Committee will assign each bursary holder a bursary supervisor whose task it will be to ensure that the funds made available to the student are spent in accordance with the proposals contained in the original application in order to foster his/her particular sporting talent.  To this end the bursary supervisor may, if he/she sees fit, take personal control of the expenditure of the award.

11. Students awarded a bursary will be expected as far as is reasonable to represent the University during the course of the normal university sports season.

12. Students awarded a bursary must display a standard of conduct compatible with their privileged status and the good name of the University.

13. If, in the view of the Committee, a bursary holder’s progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory or if he/she fails to comply with any of the conditions attached to the award they may:-

(i) issue the student with a warning; or

(ii) decline to consider any further applications for bursaries for the remainder of his/her time as a student.

14. The Committee shall report the names of the successful candidates to the Academic Council and prepare an annual report on the operation of the Bursary Scheme for presentation to the University Sports Committee, and later to the Non-Academic Planning Group.

15. The Committee reserves the right to make, amend, withdraw, suspend or cancel without notice these and any other regulations as may be in force from time to time and any such decision shall be final.

Higginson Leadership Award (F907)

This award was founded by a gift in 1954 from Wing-Commander J. S. Higginson, MA, CBE, OBE.  Wing-Commander Higginson was an RAF veteran of the Second World War, whose post-war activities became increasingly philanthropic in nature, focusing in particular on improving services and facilities for the youth of Northern Ireland.  In 2002, following the death of Wing-Commander Higginson, the award was re-launched by his beneficiary Andrew Higginson, OBE, who assumed the role of Trustee.   Andrew Higginson is Director of Higginson Associates Ltd., London-based Consultants in Conflict Resolution, Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Assistance.

The purpose of the award is to encourage a sense of social responsibility and inspirational leadership among the students and alumni of the University, and to support stand alone activities or ventures rather than participation in existing projects, which will demonstrate initiative and the ability to inspire or act as a role model for others.  Preference will be given to projects or proposals involving developmental or humanitarian aid overseas, in a post-conflict environment.

The award(s) will be made annually by the Trustees of the Fund. Applicants must either be enrolled as Queen’s students or Queen's alumni at the time of application.  Application forms are available from either the Development and Alumni Relations Office ( or the Academic Affairs Office at Queen's, and applications should be returned to the Student Guidance Centre to arrive by the deadline set, normally of April each year.

Retrospective applications will not normally be accepted.

No award will be made if, in the judgement of the Trustees, no application of sufficient merit is received. Exceptionally, an award may be made after the closing date, if sufficient funds are available.

August 2006, Amended March 2002, August 2006, July 2010

Martin Memorial Scholarship (F285)

1.  This Scholarship was founded in 1921 from the balance of the R. T. Martin Memorial Fund and a donation from Mrs Martin.

2.  It is intended to assist students pursuing a course of teacher training who intend teaching in grant-aided schools in Northern Ireland, to proceed to a Primary degree by part- or full-time study in the following University Colleges:

Stranmillis University College
St Mary’s University College

3. Candidates must have the necessary qualifications for entrance to the University and give evidence of their intention to proceed to an appropriate degree and to become a teacher in a grant-aided school in Northern Ireland.

4.  The minimum value of the scholarship, which may be tenable for up to three years, is £400 per annum and may be increased if the candidate is not in receipt of an award from a public authority.

5.  At least one Scholarship will be awarded on the recommendations of the Scholarships and Awards Group once every three years, or more frequently if funds permit, and the Group will take into account the academic merit and financial circumstances of each applicant in determining the recipient of the award.

6.  Application forms may be obtained from Academic Affairs, Level 6, Administration Building, by the closing date, normally by the end of October.

February 2010

The Queen’s Women Graduates' Scholarship

The Queen's Women Graduates (QWG) is interested in promoting education, especially for women, at local, national and international level.

This scholarship was established to assist women students from Northern Ireland wishing to return to study at Queen's University.

The scholarship should enhance the educational opportunities of women students, normally those who have had a gap of at least 5 years since attending school, who are enrolled on and are attending a degree, diploma or certificate award bearing course at the University.  Applicants should have a low income or be dependent on state benefits.

The scholarship may be helpful in assisting, for example, with the cost of fees, books, child care or travel.  It is available for one academic year only.  The amount varies, but it is likely to be in the range of £200 to £500.

The awards are made after interview by a sub-committee of the QWG, assisted by a representative of the University's Scholarship and Grants Committee.

Application forms are obtained from the Academic Affairs Office.

Applications who are short-listed will be asked to attend for interview and will be asked to provide relevant information about their income and circumstances, and at the end of the year award holders will be expected to produce a brief report on their progress and how they used the award.

Degree holders and previous QWG Scholarship holders are not eligible to apply.

August 2006, April 2008, May 2014

Jack Kyle Bursaries

The QUB Rugby Football Club will award up to eight bursaries (£500 each) each year for the next two years to assist in the recruitment and retention of talented players.  Applicants must:

- be fully enrolled Queen's students in good academic standing

- be paid up members of the QUB Rugby Football Club

- be prepared to contribute to coaching within the Club and/or help with general training

- be consistent and reliable in terms of participation and performance in training/matches

- have the potential to play, or be playing, at a high standard

- have contributed significantly to Club activities and the development of team spirit

- have behaved at all times in a manner befitting a QUB Rugby Football Club member.

Isabella Tod Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 1898 in memory of Isabella M. S. Tod.   Candidates must be natives of the island of Ireland, or have been educated in Ireland for at least one year immediately preceding the examination.   The scholarship of the value of approximately £30 per annum is tenable for three years and is offered for competition every third year in the Faculties of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences; Engineering & Physical Sciences and Medicine respectively.   It will be awarded in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to the most distinguished student at the end of the first year, and in the Faculties of Engineering & Physical Sciences and Medicine & Dentistry to the most distinguished students in the Level 1 Science and Year 2 Medical examinations respectively.

The scholarship is tenable with any other award and will be offered for competition in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in 2007, in the Faculty  of Enginering & Physical Sciences in 2010 and in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry in 2013.   Where the scholar fails to pass the yearly examination of the faculty, the scholarship shall be forfeited.

December 2006

Ulster Gift Fund Scholarship

A scholarship of £400 (subject to income from the fund) is offered annually for award in any school of the University.

Candidates must be persons who are serving or have served in HM Forces or the children of such persons.   If not already members of the University, they must have been accepted for an undergraduate course or postgraduate course in the University and enrol in the year beginning in the following October.  Applications should be made on the prescribed form which is obtainable at the Academic Affairs Office, to which applications should be submitted by date advertised, normally October.

The scholarship, which is open to full-time or part-time students, is tenable with any other University award except where the tenure of this plus another University award would involve a reduction in an award from a public authority.

Please note:  Documentary evidence of service record will be required.   If you need to contact the Ministry of Defence, the website is

February 2009