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Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Maurice Fitzgerald Fund

This fund, established in 1956, derives from a bequest to the University by Mrs Anna Maria Fitzgerald in memory of her husband Maurice Frederick Fitzgerald, Professor of Civil Engineering 1884-1910.

The income from the fund shall be applied to either or both of the following purposes:

(i) making grants for research to members of the teaching staff in the School of Civil Engineering.

(ii) the purchasing of instruments, materials or equipment for the purpose of research in connection with the School of Civil Engineering.

Grants from the fund will be made at the discretion of the Head of School of Civil Engineering.

Amended June 2002

Foundations Engineering Research Fund

This fund was originally part of the Centenary Endowment Fund.  After consultation between the Faculty and the donor (McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd), Academic Council approved a recommendation “that the interest and accumulated interest should be used from time to time in connection with research in Foundation Engineering”.

The fund is used at the discretion of the Head of School to support research in Foundation Engineering, eg small items of equipment for Geotechnical staff.

May 2013

School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology

Soulby Research Fund

The Soulby Research Fund was established in 1983 as a result of a bequest to the University by Mr D.E.S Soulby.  The award will be utilized to support the field work endeavours of any student registered for a postgraduate research degree within the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, and whose work is connected directly with the physical environment.

Applications should be made to the Head of School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, normally in February.  Awards will be made on the recommendation of the Postgraduate Awards Committee.

November 2008

School of Psychology

Emily L. Turtle Fund

In 1955, Mrs Turtle gave a gift of £1,000 to further the development of psychology in Queen’s University.  Subsequent correspondence indicated that Mrs Turtle agreed that the use of the money should be at the discretion of the Head of the Department of Psychology and the “formula” for use should be flexible.  Her primary concern was to foster the applications of psychology in the community.  Mrs Turtle was concerned to foster the training of non-medical psychologists for work in the clinical and child guidance field.  She was not interested in experimental psychology, nor in industrial psychology but, with these qualifications, she gave the Department of Psychology a free hand in the employment of the money.

This fund, established in 1955, derives from a gift of £1,000 from Mrs Emily L. Turtle to the School of Psychology to be used at the discretion of the Director of School to foster the application of psychology in the community.  

A grant of £115 per week will be awarded for up to a maximum of 6 weeks for the purpose of supporting an Undergraduate summer scholarship that has a developmental focus and is linked to the community.

Operational Regulations:
Projects will be advertised on the School website and Level 2 students will be notified of the scheme. Students must meet with the supervisors beforehand and the supervisor must sign the proposal form.

The School research committee will choose a project and it is the best student who applies (i.e. best student following interview by the supervisor). It is the same process as our Summer Scholarships.

The closing dates for student applications will be the end of March.

The best proposal linked to the community considered by the Management Board will be awarded the Mrs Emily Turtle grant.

Amended February 2014

Musgrave Demonstratorship

In 1922 Mr Henry Musgrave, through his will, established a readership in Physics.  The income was never sufficient to meet the salary of a reader and application was made to the Court to have the bequest varied.

The court ordered that the income be devoted to the payment of the salaries of one or more demonstrators in the Department of Physics, that the position should be in addition to existing staff and that any unexpended balance form a fund to be styled “The Musgrave Physics Fund” and be available for exceptional expenditure on equipment or research in the department.

All Physics PhD Students in the first three years of their degree are eligible to undertake laboratory demonstration, if they wish.  The process is co-ordinated through an academic responsible for each level.  Those students who undertake demonstrating are paid at the end of each semester.  Any shortfall in available income from the Musgrave fund is supplemented by the School.

May 2013