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Special University and Memorial Lectureships

The following opportunities are available to support special University and Memorial Lectureships.

Henry Barcroft Memorial Lecture

Professor Henry Barcroft was Professor of Physiology in Queen's before and during the Second World Ward.   He held the Dunville Chair of Physiology in the Faculty of Medicine at Queen's fro 1935 until 1948, and was widely respected for this teaching and research, particularly in the field of human cardiovascular physiology before he moved to St Thomas's Hospital Medical School in London.

In 2000 the Wellcome Trust denoted £50,000 to establish an annual lecture in Professor  Barcroft's memory.  The Trust wished to honour him as one of their more eminent Trustees and for the very major contribution he made to the field of Physiology throughout his working life.   Professor Barcroft's family suggested that the lecture should be held in Queen's as they had such a high regard for their association with this University.

The lecture will be held annually, biannually or as the income allows.   Nominations for the lectureship shall be made by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Sciences on the advice of a committee consisting of the Dean, the Head of the School of Medicine and the Heads of Physiology and Medicine.   Nominees must be eminent in their chosen field of research within the broad refines of Physiology and Medicine and should be prepared to contribute to a seminar programme in the relevant area during their stay in Belfast.

A special Silver Medal has been struck with the arms of the University and the name of the Wellcome Trust to award to each Lecturer.

February 2008

Sir Herbert Butterfield Lecture

There was established in 1982 an occasional lectureship in memory of the late Sir Herbert Butterfield, financed from the endowment of the Wiles Trust, with which Sir Herbert was for many years closely associated.  Appointments to the lectureship are made by the Committee of Administration of the Wiles Trust.  The terms of the lectureship require that the lecture shall be within 'the general field of the study of history' addressed primarily to an undergraduate audience, and further stipulate (1) that the Lecturer shall, following the lecture, conduct in the University a seminar on the topic of the lecture, and (2) shall allow publication of the lecture.  The fee payable to the Lecturer is currently £100.

The Dill Memorial Lecture

The lectureship was founded in 1925 to perpetuate the memory of Sir Samuel Dill, Professor of Greek in Queen's College and The Queen's University of Belfast from 1890 to 1924.  A lecture will be delivered every second or third year as occasion presents itself.   The committee which will appoint the lectureship will comprise of the Head of the School of History and Anthropology, the Head of the School of English and the Head of the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, or a representative nominated by each.   The Head of the School of History and Anthropology (or representative) will be chair.    In nominating a representative to serve on the Committee each Head will bear in mind the academic discipline or disciplines indicated under the terms of the original benefaction.   The lectures are delivered in the University, and admission is free.

March 2007, March 2013

The Eaton Lecture

In 1994 the Governors of the Eaton Foundation of Toronto Canada donated £10,000 via the Ireland Fund of Canada to permanently endow the Eaton Lecture to be held annually at Queen's University Belfast, arranged by the University's Centre of Canadian Studies.

The Eaton Lecturers should normally be prominent Canadians or students of Canada and someone whose work focuses on the links between Canada and Northern Ireland.   The first lecture in 1994 was by Frederick S Eaton, Canadian High Commissioner to the UK.   The Eatons descend from Timothy Eaton from Ballymena who founded the Eaton retail business in the 19th Century after he had migrated to Ontario.

The expenses of the guest speaker will be paid from the income.

May 2007

John Earnshaw Lecture

John Earnshaw was a Professor of Physics at Queen's from 1990 until 1999.His family and friends have endowed funds for an annual lecture in his memory.  The Lecture will be given on a subject of general interest in relation to physics and will be organised by the Head of School of Mathematics and Physics on the advice of senior members of staff in the Department of Physics.

Kenneth B Fraser Memorial Lecture

A sum of £50,000 has been donated anonymously for investment by Queen’s University Belfast to provide funding for a lecture in memory of Professor Kenneth B Fraser who was Professor of Microbiology and Head of Department from 1966-1982.  

During World War II Professor Fraser served in the Royal Army Medical Corps and was stationed in the Chin Hills in Burma, where he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in the rescue of a wounded sepoy under heavy enemy fire; his final rank was Lieutenant-Colonel.

After the war, he spent two years with Sir MacFarlane Burnet at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne where he carried out a brilliant series of genetic experiments which led to the prediction of the segmented genome of the influenza virus.   Before his appointment to Queen’s University, he held appointments in the Universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow.  He died in July 2001.

The lecture should be an annual one for as long as the income allows with the provision that in later years it can become biennial or triennial to allow for eventual decrease in monetary value.*   Thereafter the capital will be used until it is exhausted*.  

Nominations for the lecture shall be made annually by the Director of the Centre for Infection and Immunity on the advice of the Centre for Infection and Immunity Postgraduate Education and Training Committee.   Nominees must be eminent in their chosen field of research within the broad refines of microbiology and immunology.

*In any year where annual income exceeds the cost of the main lecture, further lectures/talks may be supported.

February 2008, November 2012, May 2013

Dr Lewis John Hurwitz Memorial Lecture

Dr Lewis J. Hurwitz was a consultant in Neurology at the Royal Victoria Hospital and other Belfast hospitals.  After this death in 1971, his family made a gift to the University to endow a lectureship in his memory.  The lecture, hosted by the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, is to be given not more than once annually.

Amended November 2013

R.M. Jones Lecture (F531)

These lectures were founded in 1972 under the will of the late Robert Millar Jones, MA, LLD, former Principal of Royal Belfast Academical Institution and a member of Senate.  A course of two or three public lectures will be delivered triennially by a man of outstanding eminence in the world of Learning, Letters, Science or Philosophy.Each series of lectures will be organised by the Vice-Chancellor on the advice of the Committee of Deans.  The first series was given in 1973-74.

Kerr Memorial Lecture

(See School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology - Medals and Prizes)

The MacDermott Lecture

This lecture, which is organised annually by the School of Law, was instituted in 1972 to commemorate, on the occasion of his retirement, the long and valuable services rendered by Lord MacDermott to the University and, in particular, to the School of Law.

R.D. Macleod Lecture

1. This public lecture was founded in 1981 by W. & R. Holmes (Books), Glasgow, in memory of R.D. Macleod, the first librarian to the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, pioneer of the County Library Movement and later a Director of W. & R. Holmes (Books).  He was also the founder of the journal, LIBRARY REVIEW, which is still flourishing over 50 years later.

2. The lecture, which will be given annually by an eminent person who is professionally concerned with books, will be organised by the Department of Information Management in the School of Management and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.

3. Nominations for the lectureship shall be made by the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences from distinguished persons who are professionally concerned with books and resident in the British Isles.  On occasions and at the discretion of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and W. & R. Holmes (Books), persons resident elsewhere may be considered.

4. An honorarium of £100 will be paid.

5. The lecturer shall, within one year of its delivery, submit his lecture for publication in an appropriate learned journal.

6. W. & R. Holmes (Books) will cover the travelling expenses of the lecturer as well as the honorarium.

The Arthur Brownlow Mitchell Memorial Lectureship

This lectureship was founded in 1945 by the friends of Colonel Arthur Brownlow Mitchell, MB, FRCSI, for many years a member of the teaching staff of the Faculty of Medicine, a member of the Senate of the University, and one of its members in the Northern Ireland Parliament.   The lecture, hosted by the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, is to be given not more than once annually.

February 2007, November 2013

The Frederick W. Price Lectureship in Medicine (F541)

This lectureship was founded in 1944 by Dr Frederick W. Price, London, to promote a closer association between the Faculty of Medicine of The Queen's University of Belfast and the medical profession in England, and especially in London.

The lectureship is triennial and an honorarium will be awarded subject to income available.  If appropriate, the lecturer may publish his/her lecture in a leading British medical journal.  Nominations for the lectureship shall be approved by the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences Scholarships Committee from distinguished members of the profession resident in England and preferably in London, but on occasion and at the discretion of the Scholarships Committee, a person resident in Scotland or Northern Ireland may be elected.

Amended November 2013

The George Scott Robertson Memorial Lecture (F546)

This lectureship was founded in 1950 by friends and admirers of Dr George Scott Robertson, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture for Northern Ireland from 1933 to 1948.  Dr Scott Robertson was formerly Professor of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (1924-1928) in the University and the first Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture.

The lecture is delivered annually and the lecturer shall be expected to permit a limited number of copies of the text of his lecture to be published by the University.  Nominations for the lectureship shall be made by the School of Biological Sciences on the advice of a committee consisting of the Head of School (Chairman), Directors of Research, the Chair of the Postgraduate Research Committee and the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland, together with two persons invited by the School to represent the farming community in Northern Ireland.  The honorarium offered is approximately £100.

The Jack Pritchard Lecture

This public lecture was founded in 1980 by the Multiple Sclerosis Society (NI) Branch in memory of Jack Pritchard, Professor of Anatomy 1952-79, in recognition of his long association with the Society.  The lecture will be given biennially by an eminent person working in the field of multiple sclerosis and will be organised by the Faculty of Medicine in association with the NI Branch which has provided a commemorative medal to be worn during the lecture, a replica of some kind being presented to the lecturer.

James Henderson Scott Memorial Lectureship

This lectureship was founded in 1973 by friends and admirers of the late James Henderson Scott, DSc, MD, FFD, LDS, who graduated at Queen's University Belfast and was for many years a member of the staff of the Department of Anatomy and was Professor of Dental Anatomy from 1964 until his death in 1970.   Nominations for the lectureship are made by the School of Dentistry on the advice of the Learning and Teaching Committee and the lecturer is appointed periodically.   The lecture is open to the public and topics of lectures are intended to reflect the late Professor Scott's wide and varied interests.

May 2007

The Wiles Lectures 

The Wiles Lectures were founded in 1953 by Mrs Austen Boyd of Coteenagh, Craigavad, in memory of her father, Thomas S. Wiles of Albany, New York.  The purpose of the trust founded by Mrs Boyd and called the Wiles Trust is to promote the study of the history of civilisation and to encourage the extension of historical thinking into the realm of general ideas.  The purpose of the trust will be carried out by inviting scholars who have conducted researches in a suitable field to deliver normally four lectures called 'The Wiles Lectures' which shall either

( a) relate the lecturer's researches to the general history of civilisation or
( b) bring out the results of reflection on the wider implications of more detailed historical studies or
( c) communicate the revised reflections of the lecturer on some major work consistent with ( a) or ( b) which he has produced at an earlier period of his career.

The Frank Wright Lecture

This public lecture was founded in 1993 by the Wright family in memory of Dr Frank Wright, lecturer in Politics 1973-1993.  This lecture is given annually by a guest speaker on a subject relevant to the study of politics.

Vincent Ewing Lecture Fund

The Vincent Ewing Fund has been established from a gift by the late Dr Vincent Clair Ewing, a former lecturer in Physical Chemistry. 

£10,000 will be used to establish The Vincent Ewing Lecture.  The funding will enable the Centre for Biomedical Sciences Education at Queen’s to run an annual lecture over a ten year period.  A prestigious scientist from outside the University, working in the field of anatomy, will be invited to present the lecture which will be open to students, staff and the general public.  The lecture series will run annually at a cost of £1000 per annum until the fund is depleted.  There are no restrictions on the fund to deliver the lecture annually so, for example, if a particular speaker cost £1300 one year the Fund may not run the lecture for a further 18 months.  The gift will make it possible for the School to cover the costs of bringing a speaker from the USA or Japan, visits which are currently difficult to fund. 

March 2010, May 2013