Academic & Student Affairs

University Scholarship Opportunities - Timeline for Applications

Internal Scholarship Opportunities (Closing Dates May be Subject to Changes):

Type of Scholarship  Scholarship Name


Closing Date for
Application Form
Entrance Scholarships Queen's University Entrance Scholarships  August October  

Travel Scholarships

Emily Sarah Montgomery Travel

 August /

October / January




  Sir Thomas Dixon Travelling Scholarships  August /
October / January
  First Trust Travel Scholarship  November only January only  

William and Betty MacQuitty Scholarships

 November January  
  Alan Graham Travel Scholarship   November January  
  Helen Ramsey Turtle Scholarship  February  May  
Other Queen's Women Graduates Scholarship  June October  
  Martin Memorial Scholarship  August October  
  Ulster Gift Fund Scholarship  August October  
  Higginson Leadership Award   January April