PDP Information for Queen's Students

Personal Development Planning (PDP) involves taking some time out at regular intervals during your course to:

  1. Review your overall progress, the feedback that you have received and your recent achievements (Reflect
  2. Use this information to help you to decide your next steps and long-term goals (Plan)
  3. Work to achieve your goals (Do)
  4. Consider the progress you have made towards your goals, recognise any new achievements that you have made and think about what else you could do to improve your academic performance and/or employability (Review)

 PDP Starter Exercises

  • PDP Filestore (Password Protected)
  • Identify your current learning preferences (you may be directed to a Learning Styles exercise by staff)
  • Make a Time Management Plan.  –The Learning Development Service provides further information and resources to support the development of your time management skills

 Recording PDP and Communicating Skills and Achievements to Others

You are encouraged to maintain an evidenced record of your skills, experiences and achievements during your time at Queen’s.  The University will support you in getting started with this, e.g. by providing you with a free "Myfuture" account.  This includes an e-portfolio, Career event listings, Careers and Learning Development Service booking tool and an academic and career development planner plus an achievement logger.  By keeping a record like this, you are generating an aide-mémoire that should be helpful to you when you start to prepare CV's, Job/postgraduate course applications  and to plan possible answers to potential interview questions.  Setting yourself goals to complete within a set timeframe is also a good way of organising and motivating yourself towards further achievements. 

 Further PDP Exercises and Support

Your development plan is your strategy to improve your academic performance and/or enhance your longer term employability, e.g. by engaging in Degree Plus or other career planning activities.

 The following resources may also assist you in reviewing your strengths and weaknesses in,

Working as a member of a team

Addressing other goals within your Development Plan