Academic & Student Affairs

Module 1 - Foundation Module

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the module, participants should be able to:

  • discuss a variety of methods and resources available for effective teaching and learning in higher education (e.g. lecturing, small group teaching, the use of ICT, innovative teaching methods)
  • apply a variety of methods and resources to enhance their own practice as teachers in higher education
  • articulate theories and models of teaching and learning in higher education, through material presented during the module and through their own reading of educational literature
  • apply relevant educational theory to enhance their own practice
  • discuss a model of curriculum design and development, and how it relates to aims, learning outcomes, assessment, delivery and evaluation in higher education teaching
  • apply such a model to module design in their own teaching context
  • discuss and evaluate the methods of assessment commonly used in higher education, including innovative approaches to assessment
  • apply various methods of assessment in their own practice
  • provide evidence of reflection on their own assessment practices and on possible modifications to these, using materials presented in the module and their own reading of educational literature
  • discuss effective ways of providing oral and written feedback to students
  • reflect on different kinds of teaching sessions in their own practice, and relate their experiences to the relevant educational literature
  • reflect on changes and developments in their own teaching over a semester period
  • suggest changes to their own practice based on reflection and their reading of relevant literature.

Content will include:

  • models of module development, teaching and learning
  • discussion of the skills involved in lecturing, small group teaching and laboratory teaching
  • assessment in Higher Education
  • technology in teaching and learning
  • opportunity to practise lecturing skills with video feedback


Two assignments:

  • Teaching Journal and Portfolio based on participants' own teaching
  • Participants' evaluation of their own assessment procedures.