Academic & Student Affairs

Module 2 - Student Learning and Support

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the module, participants should be able to:

  • articulate a variety of theories of student learning, based on material presented during the module and through their own reading of educational literature
  • apply these theories to analysing their own students' learning and in their own practice as teachers;
  • analyse student difficulties with learning within a higher education context, and in particular with reference to their own students
  • discuss a variety of methods for enhancing their students' skills
  • discuss approaches to developing students' critical thinking skills
  • demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between teacher/student interaction and learning
  • discuss the design of learning activities for students to enhance their skills development
  • discuss the design of learning activities to foster students' critical thinking
  • explore ways of enhancing the use of teaching materials
  • discuss some of the key issues in student support in higher education and specifically within the Queen's context
  • discuss the changing profile of the student body
  • develop an awareness of learner strategies to support learning
  • reflect on their students' learning, and relate their experiences to the relevant educational literature
  • explore ways of evaluating student learning, both formal and less formal
  • conduct a peer observation of teaching with a colleague, using an appropriate proforma
  • provide written and oral feedback to a colleague on the strengths and weaknesses in a teaching session, in the context of peer observation
  • reflect on feedback they have received on their own teaching through the peer observation process and discuss how their own practice might change in response to this feedback
  • reflect on the process of peer observation itself, and the strengths and difficulties with this approach to evaluating and reflecting on teaching.

Content will include:

  • student learning styles and approaches to learning
  • learner strategies
  • developing students' skills
  • difficulties students may have with learning
  • student support in higher education
  • formative and summative evaluation of learning and teaching, including peer observation


Two Assignments:

  • Discussion of aspects of student learning in the context of participants' own practice
  • An analysis of peer observation of teaching conducted by the participant and a colleague.