Learning and Teaching Workshops

The workshops in this section are designed for lecturers, research staff and teaching assistants who would like to develop and build on their knowledge and skills related to teaching in higher education.  Those relatively new to teaching in higher education and more experienced staff are welcome to attend.  The majority of the sessions are half-day workshops unless indicated otherwise. Professional Development Series comprises a number of lunchtime sessions throughout the academic year.

The workshops in the CPD programme have been organised to reflect the Higher Education Academy’s Professional Standards framework.


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A1  Designing and Planning of Learning Activities

  1. An Introduction to Queen's Online for Learning and Teaching

A2  Teaching and Supporting Student Learning

  1. Digital Literacies Workshop 1: Using technology to improve curriculum design
  2. Digital Literacies Workshop 2:  Using digital technologies to enhance content delivery
  3. Digital Literacies Workshop 3: Using Digital Tools for Assessment and Feedback
  4. Digital Literacies Workshop 4:  Using technology to transform the student learning experience
  5. Dynamic PowerPoint Presentations
  6. Laboratory Demonstrating
  7. Mindfulness and Teaching with Emotional Intelligence
  8. Small Group Teaching
  9. Using the Personal Response System in your Classes

A3  Assessment and Giving Feedback

  1. QuestionMark (for Computer Assisted Assessment)
  2. Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions (Workshop)
  3. Using the TurnitinUK Originality Checking Software

 A4  Student Support and Guidance

  1. Being an Adviser of Studies

A5  Engage in Continuing Professional Development in Subjects/Disciplines and their Pedagogy

  1. Professional Development Series

Registration is via Queen’s Online (In the navigation under My Services, select Other then Training Courses) or by contacting The Centre for Educational Development on ext 1447.