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QUB Teaching Awards

QUB Teaching Awards 2016

The QUB Teaching Awards Scheme 2016 will open in November 2015.  The application forms and Notes for Guidance will be made available at that time.  The scheme was established to encourage and reward the development of learning and teaching practice, and activities that support learning and teaching practices, that have led to particularly effective/worthwhile learning.

The Teaching Awards are open to all full-time, part-time and Honorary members of Queen's University staff. Applications embracing a diversity of approaches are welcomed - it is intended that noteworthy examples of traditional methods as well as innovative approaches be recognised by the awards.


QUB Teaching Awards 2015

Nine Teaching Awards were awarded in 2015

Information about the Teaching Awards scheme 2015 is available in these Notes for Guidance.

Application forms

  1. Sustained Excellence (Open to individual academic and learning support colleagues teaching/supporting learning for five or more years.)
  2. Rising Stars (Open to individual academic and learning support colleagues teaching/supporting learning for less than five years.)
  3. Excellence in Teaching or Learning Support by a Team (Open to teams of academic and learning support colleagues.)
  4. Student-nominated (This category is promoted to the students by the Students' Union.  Students wishing to nominate a member of staff should contact the VP for Education in the Students' Union for further information).  Nominated staff will be contacted by CED and invited to submit an application for consideration by the Teaching Awards panel.)

There are samples of successful applications available to download, however, you should note that the procedures and application forms may have changed.

Showcase of Previous Winners

A series of short video and audio┬ápresentations about previous recipients of Queen’s University Teaching Awards are available in this section.