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Reflections is the newsletter which focuses on teaching, learning and assessment in Queen’s and more generally in higher education. It is published once a semester by the Centre for Educational Development and is a vehicle for members of staff to discuss new approaches to teaching and supporting learning. Reflections also provides news and updates on learning and teaching events and initiatives within Queen’s.

If you would like to submit a contribution for the next issue, please send your contributions to Liz McDowell (

Contributions can take several forms:

Articles: generally between 500 and 750 words (approx.), although longer pieces would be acceptable, space permitting.  Articles can be on an aspect of teaching and learning or student support, in QUB or in the higher education sector more generally.
Shorter “newsflash” items, e.g. reporting on a recent event; flagging an up-coming event; advertising a new venture etc.  (100 -200 words approx.)
Brief synopses of interesting articles on teaching and learning from the educational literature (100 - 200 words approx.)
Letters or responses to previous articles or to recent developments in H.E.

Previous editions of Reflections

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