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Centre for Educational Development
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Student Progress Files (PDP)

PDP Cycle 

A progress file should include:

  • A transcript (Word)– A record of the student's achievement
  • Personal Development Planning - "is a structured and supported process
    understaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning,
    performance and/or achievement." ( Revised QAA Guidelines, 2009  )

Effective PDP encourages students to critically reflect upon their existing skills, achievements, strengths and weaknesses. With support from a tutor, they can become proactive in setting and achieving academic, career and personal goals from an early stage in their programme. The process should also facilitate more relevant performance monitoring.

CED supports the ongoing development of PDP opportunities for all HE students in line with Queen's policy (Word). The centre is currently supporting the development of systems that are embedded into the curriculum and existing practices in postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.

An electronic portfolio (e-folio) has been developed by CED. This resource is being piloted by some Schools as a basis for developing their PDP programmes, while other disciplines favour paper-based systems to fit more readily with existing practices.

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