e-Learning at Queen's largely occurs as blended learning, where e-learning is integrated with traditional media and methods depending on course content, level and students.

The Centre of Educational Development and Information Services provide training and advice on best practice for implementing technology into learning and teaching. Examples include Queen's Online, Personal Response Systems (PRS), Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) and Originality Checking Software (TurnitinUK).

Queen's Online Virtual Learning Environment

e-Learning is supported by the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which is part of Queen's Online. The VLE is based on the SharePoint platform. It still allows resources to be made available online for students and tracks their use, enables online communication between students and staff, facilitates discussion forums and computer assisted assessment. In addition it now has a wiki to facilitate collboration.

Find out more about the VLE, including getting access to the VLE and any forthcoming courses.