Flexible Teaching Space

General View of Flexible Teaching Space
General View of Flexible Teaching Space

The Flexible Teaching Space, room 03/017, Peter Froggatt Centre, is a large open space to support different modes of teaching and learning. The room can be configured in many ways. Although it is possible to set up the room with the focus on one teacher “at the front”, the room is primarily designed to facilitate a range of learner centred activities which can be supported by provision of the following:


  • 20 charged, wireless Microsoft Surface Pro tablet PCs
  • 7 plasma screens/ smart machines
  • 40 Personal Response System handsets (voting technology)
  • DVD / VCR Solid state digital video cameras
  • Flexible lighting

Movable facilities

  • Modular folding tables
  • Power and Data towers for connecting tablet PC’s to plasma screens
  • Folding chairs
  • Stools
  • Whiteboards

All of the above can be easily and quickly set up during a session to allow classes small or large group teaching. The room will accommodate classes of up to 60 students. Reaction from staff making pilot use of the room is very positive with regard to the range of ways it can be utilised to support effective student learning. Contact 

Case Studies


To book the flexible teaching space, send an email to Room Bookings.  You will also need to request access to the room through whoever requests access to buildings for your Department or School.


Contact Michael Kelly Ext. 6279 in Information Services for guidance on how to use the room.  Contact CED if you would like advice on how the room can be used to facilitate teaching and learning.