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Originality Checking with TurnitinUK

TurnitinUK website

Queen’s University subscribes to an electronic originality checking service, provided by the iparadigms called TurnitinUK.

This is online service which does not require any additional software to be installed on your PC and contains a database of 1.8 billion websites, online papers and essays (including archived material).

The Centre for Educational Development provides training and advice in the following areas:


  • Providing staff with sign up information and getting started instructions for Turnitin software.
  • Central point of contact for receiving information from, giving feedback to and reporting problems to iParadigms - the Turnitin software providers.
  • “Helpdesk” service on Turnitin software for Queen’s staff.

Advice to Schools /Individuals

  • Advice on how to use the software to help educate students about plagiarism.
  • Consultancy on how to systematically and equitably use the service to check originality without infringing student rights.


Postgraduate Research Use

Video Tutorials for Supervisors 

Creating a Class for your PGR Student

Creating an opportunity to submit an early chapter draft

Accessing the Originality Report

Creating an Opportunity to submit a near final chapter draft (which will not be compared with the early draft)

Instructions for Supervisors


Video Tutorials for Postgraduate Research Students

Enrolling in the Turnitin Service

Uploading a Draft Chapter

 Video Tutorials for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students

1. Signing in to the Turnitin Service

2. Uploading an assignment

3. Enrolling in a class

Download the UG/PGT videos for use in Queen's Online

  1. Signing in to the TurnitinUk Service  (wmv, 4.6MB)
  2. Uploading an Assignment (wmv, 7.4MB)
  3. Enrolling in a New Class (wmv, 680KB)

Turnitin Materials for Staff

n.b. You are currently advised to use Firefox when viewing large originality reports within Turnitin (Feb 2012)

  1. Viewing the Originality Report (PDF, 434KB)
  2. Setting up an Assignment: view originality report, submit many times (PDF, 390KB)
  3. Setting up an Assignment: view originality report, one submission followed by resubmission (PDF, 452KB)
  4. Setting up an Assignment: One submission do not see originality report (PDF, 453KB)
  5. Turnitin UG and PGT Student Presentation  (PPT, 655KB)
  6. Setting up for you PGR Student: one submission followed by resubmission
  7. PGR Student Introduction to the Turnitin Originality Checking Service (PPT 686KB)

Should you wish to register with the TurnitinUK service please contact Gill Kelly on extension 1569 or by email to, in order to receive sign up information and step by step instructions.