Issues around Queen's Online for Learning and Teaching

There are issues and legal requirements to be considered when using Queen's Online for Learning and Teaching which are introduced below:

Data Protection Legislation

The Data Protection Act applies to the use of personal data which is being processed by computer. The information presented by the Queen's Online for Learning and Teaching tracking facility on student activity online is considered as personal data. It is advisable to inform the students that you will be tracking their use of Queen's Online for Learning and Teaching. The JISC Data Protection code of practice provides information on the effect of data protection legislation on the higher education sector and contains guidance on the general issues and principles of data protection. For further information on the legislation and responsibilities of teaching staff, go to the University's Data Protection Act webpages.


When you use pages from the Internet in your learning and teaching resources or compile you own files of scanned material you must be aware of the legislation governing the use of these third party materials. There are different copyright rules applying to printed materials and to electronic materials.

Further information from Jisc Digital Media has a selection of guides on creating, finding, managing, digitizing and, delivering and using materials.  Some particular ones include:

The Copyright Licensing Agency has a section on copyright in Higher Education on its website.

Advice is also available on Intellectual Property Rights from Research and Regional services within the University.