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How to Record Audio

To produce audio recordings you can use a portable digital audio recorder, a computer or evn a smart phone. Portable voice recorders are available to borrow from Audio Visual Services.

When using a computer, a microphone, headphones and audio recording software are required. The type of microphone and the specification of the computer have an impact on the quality of recorded sound produced but for most purposes a basic headset can be adequate.

There are free versions of the audio editing software available to download, one of the most popular being Audacity.

When audio is recorded it can be saved in a variety of formats. Being able to distribute, share and download the audio files is made easier if their file size is kept to a minimum. For this reason, the MP3 format is commonly used as the quality is retained whilst having a small file size that can be quickly downloaded.

Staff Training

  • There is a short online resource about how to record audio that includes video tutorials and training manuals.

If you want more information or specific help contact CED ( or David Robinson (