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Web based e-Learning Templates

e-Learning templates screenshot
e-Learning template example

The e-learning templates are tools to help you make professional looking web pages for your students. They add an extra dimension to the variety of online resources which can be created and made available online.

They allow simple learning activities to be created which can combine a variety of media such as text, images, video and maps with different question types. Rudimentary feedback can be provided to students and general usage of the resources can be tracked.

How am I likely to use them?

The templates are very flexible and can be combined together in different ways to create anything from a single webpage to a short online course consisting of many sections and linked pages.

Uses include:

  • Providing  worked examples to problems
  • Presenting Case Studies with sample answers
  • Annotated reading lists
  • Providing information through video and having related tasks
  • Providing galleries of images for discussion and reflection
  • Incorporating and supporting an existing online activity with supplementary questions and information
  • Use of basic question types for formative assessment.

Examples of Developed Resources

How do I get access to them?

The e-learning templates are available through the University’s Content Management System for the web (CMS). To get access to the system you need to have a username and password. This can be requested by contacting the CMS team by email

Initial Support to Develop Resources