Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolment & Registration (E&R) 2011

Please note that the word ‘School’ refers to the 20 Queen’s Academic Schools and not Secondary Schools.  For new students your School name is printed on your letter with your username and password.

Accessing the Wizard/Getting Help

Unable to find Wizard in Qsis

Logon to .  Click on Self Service.  Click on Student Center.  The Wizard should open.

Instructions on accessing Qsis and the Registration Wizard can be found at:

Not getting into Wizard when clicking onto Student Center 

This usually means that you have not been activated for the 2011/2012 term.

This may be because you have recently completed a re-sit, been on leave of absence or been away on a placement.  Your record has not been updated.  You must contact your School, as it is only the School who can activate students and they should know the reason why this has not been done.  

If your School has activated you they will contact Qsis to try to ascertain what the problem is.  Or if they do not do this you can ring 028 90973223 to raise the issue.

Getting a message to say blocked from using the wizard when logging onto Student Center

You have a hold on your account which blocks you from starting the wizard or getting registered with the University.  There are various reasons why this may happen though the most common are owing fees or owing library fines. 

You must clear any outstanding holds before you can use the Wizard.  If you do have a hold you will get a message when you try to use the Wizard, advising you of the appropriate contact point to clear the Hold.

It is your responsibility to clear the hold and complete enrolment and registration.  If you do not do this prior to the 7 October, you will incur a £50 charge and will be sent a letter informing you that if you do not complete E&R within 10 working days the University will formally withdraw you.  It is your responsibility to contact your School and Finance to try to sort this out prior to 7 October.

Can I leave THE WIZARD and return LATER – will the Wizard remember the steps I have completed?

Yes, at any stage you can click on the ‘Return to Registration Page’ button and then click on ‘Return to Student Center’ to leave the Wizard.  The information already entered on any completed step will be saved.  If you close your browser in the middle of a step you will have to re-start that step.

Can I skip a step?

No, all steps must be completed in sequence. 

Can I redo parts of the Wizard?

You can click on the ‘Return to Registration Page’ button and then go to a previous step, but you cannot skip over any uncompleted steps.

Once you have completed all the steps you are unable to redo the Wizard.  Email or phone 028 9097 3223 if you wish to un-do the steps you have done.

You can update data such as addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts anytime during the term through Student Center.

Is there help available?

Yes, there is a button labelled ‘Help’ at each of the main steps within the Wizard.

Where can I view a simulation of the Wizard?

A simulation of the Wizard can be found on the Welcome and Registration website or via the link below:  

Where can I view a manual/guide?

A guide is located on the Welcome and Registration website (link below) and will be sent to all new students in their Welcome Packs – these will be sent out from 1st September onwards. 

Can I get help to go through the Wizard?  Where/When?

Yes .There is a drop-in facility in the Elmwood Teaching and Learning Centre, Elmwood Avenue (behind the Students’ Union). The Centre will be open from 9am – 5pm, Wednesday to Friday 14 – 16 September. This is primarily for returning students but new students can use the facility too.

New students should attend their enrolment slot in the Space, Students Union to complete their enrolment and registration and be issued with an ID card.

All students can ring 028 9097 3223 or email for advice on going through the Wizard.  Please note this line may be busy during the period 14-16 September and we recommend coming to the Elmwood  site if you are in Belfast.

Returning students can attend The Space, Student Union (undergraduates) or the International and Postgraduate Centre (postgraduates) during Welcome Week.  However, at times there may be a lot of new first years going through Matriculation thus queues may develop.  We would recommend coming either on Monday 19 or Friday 24.  We will also be open in the Space on Saturday 25, 12.00 – 14.00 for all students.

Should I use ‘Next’ or ‘Return to Registration Page’ buttons?

Where possible you should use ‘Next’ to go through each of the steps in turn.                

My assistive technology will not let me access the Wizard.

The Wizard has been tested on screen-reading software and drop -down menus do not work with this software. To complete registration you can:

-       Ring the Qsis Helpline and go through the wizard with a telephone operator who will read out the various options to you;

-       Go to the Elmwood Teaching and Enrolment Centre during the drop-in period.

-       Go to the Student Guidance Centre

How do I know I have finished? Can it really all be done online for continuing students?

Once you have completed online enrolment you will get a message to say that you have successfully completed the Wizard – for returning students this is the process completed.  You will be able to return to the ‘Student Center’ and view details of your enrolment.

You will receive an email within 24 hours to confirm you have completed the online registration.

New students must come to an enrolment site to complete their ID verification, show their qualifications, confirm any outstanding fee payments and be issued with an ID card.

Step 1 – Demographic Information

Some of the information is incorrect.  Who do I contact?

If the incorrect information has a drop down box next to it you can simply change the information yourself.  If the system does not allow you to change the information you must bring original documentation to the Student Guidance Centre to prove the change/correction.

Can I continue even if it is incorrect?

Yes. If you are a returning student, continue through the Wizard as normal and bring proof of the change/correction to the Student Guidance Centre so the system can be updated.  If it is a change to your name you will also be issued with a new Student ID card if you wish. There may be a charge for the replacement of the card.

If you are a new student you can also continue through the Wizard – however you must bring original documentation (passport/driving licence)  to the enrolment venue.  If you forget you can still be enrolled and you will be issued with a Student ID card containing your previous details.

I do not like my picture, can I change it?

Normally you cannot change your ID card on this basis.

However, if you are a new student at an enrolment venue and you are unhappy with the quality of the image taken by the operator please bring this to the attention of one of the Student Leads (red T-shirts) or a member of staff.  If the image is considered to be of inferior standard then we will retake the image and re-issue the card. 

My picture is outdated, can I change it?

Not unless there has been a substantial change to your appearance to the point where it is no longer recognisable as you.

I have married / changed my name / my name is not appearing in the script of my home language. What are the implications of changing it – i.e. what will it affect?

The University will issue all correspondence, Student ID cards and degree / award certificates using the name held on the Student Record System. If you have married or changed your name by deed poll then you must bring original documentation to the enrolment site if you are a new student and the Student Guidance Centre if you are a returning student.

Where possible we will accommodate requests to change names to original scripts depending on the permissions within the Student Record System.  Please ask for more details about this at the Student Guidance Centre Information Desk when you arrive at Queen’s.

I use a shortened NAME; can I have that displayed instead?

No. The Student ID card displays your primary name (excluding middle names) and this name plus any middle names will appear on your degree certificate.

Step 2 – Addresses

Can I only record one address?

It is important that we have all correct addresses recorded for you at all times. This is in case we need to contact you in an emergency or need to get important information delivered to you.  If you have a home address (usually parental or permanent) then please record this under the ‘Home’ field. If you live at a different address during term-time please also enter the details in the mailing address ‘Mail’ field.

Which address will the University use to contact me?

The University will normally contact you via your mailing address. The Income and Student Finance department will normally send fee information to your home address.  In some situations we may chose to send information to both your home and mailing addresses depending on the urgency and time of year.

Which is the term-time address – (only see Home and Mailing)?

The ‘Mail’ address is your term-time address.

The address displayed is incorrect – how do I change it?

Use the ‘Edit’ button to correct an existing address or use the ‘Add a New Address’ button to add a new address.

There is only one address – how do I add another?

Use the ‘Edit’ button to correct an existing address or use the ‘Add a New Address’ button to add a new address.

To add a UK address use the ‘Look-up’ button.

To add a non-UK address use the ‘Manual Entry’ link.

Can both addresses be outside the UK?

No – we need to know where you are living while you are studying at the University
Note, this does not apply to distance learning postgraduate Pharmacy students.

Can I choose to hide an address from my School?

No - the School will need your address for any correspondence throughout the academic year.

The Country is showing as United Kingdom – how do I change this?

Use the ‘Edit’ button to change the country. There will be a ‘Change Country’ button above the address field.

Is there a way of entering my street address and getting the post code?

Yes, click the ‘Look Up’ button. Enter your street address and click the ‘Search’ button to find your full address including post code.  You may need to click the ‘Step In’ button to find the exact house if this was not entered with the street name.

Is there a way of entering a postcode and getting a street address?

Yes, when adding a new address, you can click on the ‘Look Up’ button and this will allow you to enter the postcode and choose the house number and street name.

Should I type my addresses in capitals?

No, this is not necessary.

Can I indicate a date from when an address is valid?  How?

When you add or edit an address you have the option of setting the date that the change will take effect.  You will not normally need to change this date (it defaults to the current day) but you can set it in the future if you have not yet moved in to the new address. You should always make sure that you have registered your current addresses as ‘Home’ and ‘Mail’ for any correspondence from Queen’s. 

How do I change my address during term?

You can change addresses and other information from within your Student Center.

I do not yet know my term address – what should I enter?

Put your ‘Home’ address for now but please return to the Wizard at a later date and update your details.

What is the address of the Elms Halls? 

Elms Village
78 Malone Road

Step 3 – Phone Numbers

How many numbers can I add?

You can add as many phone numbers as you wish.

Can I make any number the preferred number?

Yes, this can be done simply by clicking the ‘Preferred’ box.

Can I have no numbers?

The University strongly recommends that you supply all relevant telephone numbers (e.g. mobile, home, term-time) to allow us to maintain the most effective contact with you and also to communicate with you or your family in the event of any emergency.  If you provide a mobile number the University may use it to contact you including by text message.

How do I add a number?

Click the ‘Add a Phone Number’ button.

Can I delete numbers?

Yes. This can be done by clicking the ‘Delete’ button.

Can I specify that I do not want numbers used?

No, if you do not wish for a contact number to be used, please choose another contact number that you are happy for the University to use.

Step 4 – Email Addresses

Can I have my emails sent to my home address? Why not?

No. The University only recognises your Queen’s email address for official correspondence with students. This is because we can be assured that it works, that it won’t change without us knowing and that there are not the same limits on inboxes that there are on some external e-mail accounts. We also know it is the student as anybody can set up an external email account in any name.

I do not like the email, can I change it?

No, the QUB email address is generated at the time of account creation and cannot be changed.  It is based on the first initial of your first name and your surname.  There are also always two numbers.  These will vary from student to student for example, would usually mean that there have been eight previous students in Queen’s with the same initial and surname.  There are some exceptions where students get a large 3 digit number e.g. jbloggs523.

My name is incorrect in the email address, can I change it?

You must contact the Student Guidance Centre in the case of an incorrect name in an email address.

The email is incorrect (previous or continuing student).  What do I do?

You must contact the Student Guidance Centre in the case of an incorrect email address.

The email is blank – what do I do?

This should not happen.  You should bring this to the attention of staff at your enrolment centre or contact the Student Guidance Centre.

Step 5 – Emergency Contact Details

I cannot get past this page – what is wrong? The next button is greyed out – why?

Emergency Contact Details are a compulsory field – you will not be able to progress to the next step of the Wizard without entering these fields. One of the Emergency Contacts must be a doctor.

How do I add an emergency contact?

You should use the ‘Add’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons to manage/update your contacts.

Does it have to be a parent?

No, it just has to be someone you would be happy for us to contact in an emergency

When would you contact the person I name as my emergency contact?

We would only contact the people listed if there was a genuine emergency.  We would not   contact this person unless we thought you were at risk or presented a risk to others. Ordinarily we would seek to get your consent before contacting your emergency contact.

How many can I add?

You can add as many as you wish, as long as one emergency contact is of the type doctor.

I do not have my contact’s address/phone etc.  Can I partially enter what I know and come back to it after E&R?

Yes, you should enter at least the contact’s name and add the remaining information (either by returning to the Wizard or via your Student Center) as soon as possible.

Why do I have to add a Doctor (GP)?

On very rare occasions when a student has a medical emergency on campus, it is helpful to be able to give emergency services the name and contact details of your GP who may be able to provide essential information about your medical history.

What is a GP?

A GP is a general medical practitioner who provides primary, non-emergency care and who can make specialist referrals if required.

I do not have a Doctor in the UK – what do I enter?

We would strongly advise all students who are not from Belfast, especially those from outside the UK, to register with the University Health Centre or another doctor. New students will get a chance to do so as part of enrolment on site during Welcome Week.  In the meantime we suggest you put in your current doctor and return at a later stage to update the information.

I am in the process of changing doctors – what do I enter?

If you have not yet signed up with a new practice then please enter the details of the doctor who currently holds your medical records.  Please remember to return to the Wizard later to change the details.

Why is this compulsory?

It is compulsory because if you were in an emergency situation it may prove critical to be able to put emergency services in contact with your doctor as quickly as possible.

What is the address of the University Health Centre?

5 Lennoxvale, Belfast BT9 5BY – 028 9097 5551

Can I put down a practice name or do I need a specific doctor?

Either is acceptable as long as the information accurately reflects your situation.

Step 6 – Other Information/Equal Opportunity

I find some of the questions intrusive.  Can I choose not to enter data?  Why not?

No. All fields in Step 6 are required by the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) or other government agencies.  They use the same fields for universities across the UK and the information is used both to map trends and calculate the funds Queen’s receive to teach and support students. All questions must be answered to proceed to Step 7.

None of the categories of term-time address suit my circumstances.  Which option do I choose?

The categories are determined by HESA or other government agencies and are not under the University’s control – please select the option that most closely matches your situation. If you are unsure, click ‘Other’ or ‘Not known’.

I cannot find the appropriate ‘Highest Qualification of Entry’.  What do I do?

The categories are determined by HESA and are not under the University’s control – please select the option that most closely matches your situation.  Note that you can search the set of displayed qualifications – search on the ‘Long Description’ field.

What do I do if I studied outside the UK and my specific qualification is not listed?

The categories are determined by HESA and are not under the University’s control – please select the option that most closely matches your situation.  Note that you can search the set of displayed qualifications – search on the ‘Long Description’ field.

What number is it for A-Levels?


I do not want to disclose my Religious Affiliation/Community Background.  Can I choose not to?

Yes, one of the options is ‘Information Withheld’.

What does a dependent mean?

Dependents are those people who rely predominately on you for their care needs. This could include children under the age of 18, close relatives with a disability or elderly parents.

What do I enter if I am responsible for both children and elderly dependents?

The categories are determined by HESA and are not under the University’s control – please select the option that most closely matches your situation. 

Why are you collecting this data?  How will it be used?  Will it be provided to my School/lecturer etc?

All fields in Step 6 are required by the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) or other government agencies.  HESA use the same fields for universities across the UK and the information is used both to map trends and calculate the funds Queen’s receive to teach and support students.  The information is not used by your School/lecturer.

Step 7 – Chaplaincy

Why does Queen’s collect this data?

The four affiliated Chaplains at Queen’s - Methodist, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Catholic – are not members of staff in the University and therefore do not have access to the Student Record System. We need to seek your permission to pass on your data.

How was the list of dominations/faiths compiled?

Apart from the four affiliated Student Chaplaincies, the University Senate every year approves a list of Chaplaincies which are listed on the University website. This is reviewed and updated every year.

Chaplains and other religious representatives are appointed by the University to represent and serve students and staff.  Currently, 17 faiths and denominations are represented at Queen's:

-       Baptist

-       Brethren

-       Catholic

-       Chinese

-       Church Of Ireland

-       Congregational

-       Evangelical Presbyterian

-       Free Presbyterian

-       Humanist

-       Moravian

-       Jewish

-       Methodist

-       Non-Subscribing Presbyterian

-       Orthodox

-       Presbyterian

-       Reformed Presbyterian

-       Salvation Army

My domination/faith does not appear in the drop-down list?  How do I indicate this?

More information on the Chaplaincies can be found on the Queen’s website at:

If your denomination/faith is not represented then you may wish to select ‘No’ to the question about sharing your information and then discuss with a representative of your denomination/faith why they do not have a chaplain appointed by the University.

Belfast also has a Hindu Temple, located in the city's Indian Community Centre, and a mosque, in the Islamic Centre in Wellington Park, a few minutes' walk from the University.

I gave consent last year – do I have to do it again this year?

Yes, so that we can pass to the Chaplains any changes to your contact information.

Step 8 – Data Protection Statement

Can I get this statement in written form?

Yes – all regulations are documented in the University Calendar.

Can I not tick either box but still register?

No. If you feel you need more time to read the University Regulations then please do so and return to the Wizard later. You must, however, tick both boxes in order to complete this step of the Wizard.

Can I just tick one box?

No. You will not be allowed to proceed to Step 9.

Step 9 – My Academics (Enrolments)

I do not agree with the data shown in My Academics under My Program e.g. I should be Part-time not Full-time.  What should I do?

You must contact your school regarding this. They are responsible for your Academic information:

My Supervisor/AdvisEr/Tutor displayed is incorrect or missing.  How do I correct this?

Students that are fully block enrolled or Postgraduate Research students do not enter the enrolment screens in the Wizard.  Instead they are shown staff attached to them at in what capacity.

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught students should not contact their School to correct this information.  For many new students attaching staff to students or changing them annually will only happen after the start of term.  Once they have been attached you will be able to see them in Qsis Student Center.

The supervisors displayed for postgraduate research (PGR) students should be correct.  We would advise PGR students to contact their School if they believe they are incorrect or any are missing.

I am Fully block enrolled.  Why do I enter the enrolment screen?

Most fully block enrolled students should not enter the enrolment screens.  Check you are on the right number of units (usually 120 for undergraduates) and click Next to continue to Finance.

How do I know I am enrolled on a course already?

Any courses you are enrolled on already will have a yellow diamond against them.

Can I drop any of my pre-enrolments?

No, if you School has pre-enrolled you on courses it is because they are compulsory.

Can I enrol on further classes?

No, if you are fully block enrolled your School will have enrolled you on your classes.  If you are doing an Exam Only re-sit your School will enrol you on this course.

Why are there no times/tutors/rooms against my classes?

They have not yet been decided by your School or are too complicated to display online.

Where do I get my timetable if there is no information on this in the system?

Some students need to get their timetable from their School.  Other students should find their timetable on ‘Class Schedule’ under the Enrolment Menu.

Why am I enrolled on so many classes? 

You are enrolled on courses (also called modules) but each course may have several classes e.g. tutorials/seminars/labs.

Why do some classes not have Units (credit)?  

Only the main classes for each module have units displayed. 

I have been told by my School I should be block enrolled but am not enrolled on any courses (0 units) or less than I have been told.  How do I fix this? 

If you do not know which courses to select or you are unable to select the courses (require departmental consent) you must contact your School.

How do I start choosing classes?

Once you have selected the correct term (Academic Year 2011/12), click on ‘My Requirements’ to choose your classes.

How do I know which classes to pick?

The modules which you can choose should appear when you click ‘My Requirements’.   You should make sure to select Show Requirement Detail as otherwise you will only see the courses and not the advice on which ones to choose and why.

You can also discuss this with your Adviser of Studies or School and check the Module Outline for your course on the Queen’s Website.

Can I select courses/classes not listed under ‘My Requirements?’


What if I want to pick a course not listed under ‘My Requirements’?

In some cases under ‘My Requirements’ students are informed they may select other classes in consultation with their Adviser of Studies.  You will not be able to select this course yourself and will need to get an Adviser or other School staff to enrol you.

Note, if a course is not compatible with your program of study  this may affect the final award you can be awarded by the University. Contact your School or Adviser of Studies.

There are no classes listed under ‘My Requirements’ or I see Empty report

Contact the Enrolment and Registration Helpline (02890 97 3223) or your School to report this error so it can be rectified.  You will either need to wait until it has been fixed or you will need be enrolled by School staff.

All the classes listed under ‘My Requirements’ are closed (full).  What do I do?

Ensure that there are no vacancies in any of the classes, and then contact your School for advice and assistance.

How do I know if there is space on a class?

The green circle symbol will appear in the ‘Status’ column when you choose the class.

Do I have to choose the lecture first?

No, you will be prompted for each component of a course (module).

Why do I have to put all my classes in the shopping cart before going to steps 2 & 3?

Some modules may have co-requisites which mean they must be chosen and enrolled in together (in the same session). Putting all your classes in the shopping cart first will make the registration process easier, but also allow you to see timetable clashes before you finish enrolling.

What happens if I try to add classes to my shopping cart one by one?

For modules with co-requisites you will not be able to enrol and you will only see potential timetable clashes when you try to add the last classes.

Can I put my core classes in first then fit the voluntary ones around them?


How will I know if I have been block enrolled?

You School should inform you about this and generally you will not have the option to choose classes on Qsis.  You will see a yellow diamond beside each course you are enrolled on in the term 11/12.

How many classes (units) should I choose?

Most undergraduate students should choose 120 units (6 modules) over 2 terms.  You will see how many to choose under ‘My Requirements’.  Make sure to choose courses in both Autumn and Spring (usually 3 in each unless your School operates Full Year courses).

Most postgraduates should choose 180 units though this varies for many postgraduate programs.

I cannot get onto a course.  I get an error message (X) for some courses.

The system will check for the following and stop any student from enrolling:

·         Class Full

·         Requisites not met

·         Permission needed to enrol

·         Time conflict either with class already enrolled or in basket

One of the classes is full

Often students can get onto the main class but they have selected another part (tutorial/seminar) that is full.  You will need to ensure that all parts of the course have space.

It is possible that a class has filled up while you have been adding other classes to your shopping cart.  If you are worried this may happen you should complete enrolment for the course in question before selecting other courses for your shopping cart.

I do not meet the requisites – what does this mean?

The School may have specified that only certain students e.g. those with A-levels in a certain subject  can enrol on this course.  If you think you have been incorrectly rejected from a course we recommend you contact the School involved.  It is possible we do not have your correct previous results.

Some requisites are for Stage 2 or 3 courses that require students to have take certain courses in Stage 1 or 2.

Finally some co-requisites require students to enrol on a matched Autumn course if they want to enrol on the Spring course.

The system is telling me two of my classes have a time conflict.  How do I know which ones?

The system will tell you the class numbers of the classes involved (not the course name e.g. ENG 1003).  Check the courses in your basket and class timetable to identify which two clash.  If one is a lecture it will be the tutorial/seminar for the other course you will need to change.  If both are tutorials/seminars then you will need to select one to change.

Generally courses on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday fill up first.  Try choosing a class on Monday or Friday.

I need permission to enrol on a course

Schools that use block enrolment may close their classes to all other students.  If you believe you should be able to enrol on this course and it appears in your ‘My Requirements’ contact the School that is offering the course.

I cannot get on to one course.  Can I complete enrolment/finance and choose my sixth course later?

Yes, but it is not recommended. 

Who do I contact if I cannot get onto courses?

Contact the Enrolment and Registration Helpline (02890 97 3223) or your School for more information.

I am now fully enrolled.  Can I change classes myself?

Yes, students may drop/swap/edit classes until the 7 October.

Note – you may not have permission to drop a specific class due to department consent.

 Should I drop or swap classes?

If there is any chance the classes may fill up, you are safer swapping.  It will not drop you from one unless there is space on the other (all components), or if there is a chance of time conflict.

There is no timetable for my classes.  How do I learn where/when to turn up?

If there is no timetabling, information in Qsis, your School will inform you of your timetable.  You should always follow the timetable provided by your School for your Plan.

My timetable only shows some classes with times/days?

Your School will provide a timetable.  In some cases you may remain on a virtual tutorial/seminar in Qsis and only get assigned a group day on paper. You should move off a virtual tutorial onto an actual tutorial when they become available.

I find enrolment too complicated.  Where can I get help?

There is help available in several places:

·         Online simulations

·         Printed guide (new students)

·         Online guide

·         Enrolment sites or the Student Guidance Centre (after enrolment)

See the Welcome and Registration webpage for further details, contact or telephone 028 9097 3223

My School has told me to wait to enrol until after an appointment.  Can I place classes in my shopping cart?

Yes, placing classes in your shopping cart does not actually enrol you.  This may save time at the appointment.  However, your Adviser of Studies may ask you to change your selection before enrolling.

Note, putting a course/class in your shopping cart does NOT reserve a place on the course.


I have enrolled even though supposed to wait for an appointment.  What should I do?

Following your appointment, you will need to drop/swap classes as advised by your tutor.

I cannot make my appointment.  Can I enrol on my own or what should I do?

You will need to speak to your School to make another appointment

 I do not have an appointment but would like some advice on course choices.  Where do I go?

You will need to speak to your School – they should be able to arrange for you to meet with a member of staff to discuss your options

Will there by Advisers in Elmwood or The Space?

There will be no Advisers of Studies in Elwood.  During Welcome Week in the Space there may be School contacts available during the enrolment time allocated to the School.  The staff in either centre will have contact numbers to contact your School.

I am a first year student.  Should I pick my COUrse or wait until I see my School?

Your School  should have sent you enrolment information to your Queen’s email account.  Make sure you check this before selecting any courses.

You will need to contact your School regarding any other academic queries.

Step 10 – Financial Registration

Can I allow more than one person access to discuss my finances?

You are limited to the choices you specify Step 10 of the Registration Wizard.

My total due is zero.  Is this correct? 

This is only correct if you see a fee and Queen’s already has confirmation that this will be paid by the Student Loans Company or Queen’s Sponsorship. If it says 0 in any other circumstances it is because you are not enrolled on any courses.

I do not think the fee is correct.  Who do I contact?

If you think the fee is incorrect, contact Student Finance at the Student Guidance Centre or one of the enrolment sites.

I should not be paying the new full fees (I started pre 2006) – how do I get this corrected?

If you believe you should not be paying the fees displayed, contact Student Finance at the Student Guidance Centre or on 02890 973223.

I am getting sponsored/my company is paying for my course – which option do I choose?

If you are getting sponsored, choose ‘Sponsor’ and enter the amount and sponsor name.  If your sponsor is the Student Loans Company, please add your SSN number.

Can I pay by Credit Card?  Do I need the card on me?

Yes, you can pay by credit or debit card. You will need the card details with you, including the security code.

I want to pay by Direct Debit.  Do I need to bring in a form?

You will need a Direct Debit instruction and waiver in order to complete this payment option.

Welcome Week

Am I required to come to the Vice Chancellor’s Welcome?

Undergraduate students are scheduled by their School to attend the Vice Chancellor’s welcome.

What is Welcome Week? How do I find out what is going on?

Welcome Week runs from Sunday 18 September – Sunday 25 September. It involves three components – your School induction, a programme of events and activities, and Enrolment & Registration. Details of events can be accessed at:

I am not living in Halls – how will I get to meet people?

Welcome Week offers programmes and events for all students, whether or not they are living in university accommodation. Details of these programmes and events can be accessed at:

Why DOES the Ulster Bank APPEAR all over the campus / publicity?

Welcome Week is sponsored by Ulster Bank, and gives students the opportunity to open a student account on campus.

What support can I get from the STUDENTS’ UNION?

All support and services offered by the QUB Students’ Union can be accessed at: including details of your SU President and Vice Presidents.

School Inductions

When is my School Induction?

The details of your School Induction will be provided in your Queen’s email account.

When will I get my teaching timetable?

Your teaching timetable will be available on Qsis after completing enrolment. This can be seen on ‘My Weekly Schedule’ in the Enrolment menu.

I am a new student but going directly into year two – can I go to the first year induction sessions for my course?

You may not receive details of your induction course, however if you contact your University School, they can provide you with such details.

General Queries

When does teaching start?

For most students teaching begins on Monday 26th September 2011.

I am not able to come to Belfast until after 26th September, how do I enrol?

If you are a returning student you can enrol remotely online – you do not need to come to the campus to re-enrol. However, if you are not able to attend for the start of term you need to get this approved by your School – especially if you are a returning international student on a student visa.

We strongly encourage all new undergraduate students to be in attendance from 19th September onwards. Welcome Week is not only the week when you are expected to be on site in order to complete your enrolment, but is also your opportunity to get to know other students as well as those who will be teaching you.

For new undergraduate students who cannot be present on campus until the week of 26th September, the Space in the Students’ Union will remain open 9am – 5pm on Monday 26 September.  After that date undergraduate students will have to come to the Student Guidance Centre.

Postgraduate students can complete registration in the International and Postgraduate Student Center (I&PSC) for the first week of term (19-24 September).  After this date all students must go to the Student Guidance Centre.

International students who are delayed in arriving following difficulties with their visas can enrol up to the 28 October 2011.  Students in this situation should contact the International Student Support Office as soon as possible to inform them of the delay and so that their School can be notified.

What is the last day that I am allowed to enrol?

Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught students will be unable to enrol after 7 October.  Students that have not completed the Wizard before this date can still complete the wizard but their School will need to enrol them.  They will also incur a £50 late registration charge.

Postgraduate Research students can enrol on PSTP courses throughout the year.

When can I start using the Library?

As soon as your Student ID card has been activated you will be able to enter the Library.  Your School will have organised a library tour as part of your induction.

I’m worried about using the IT systems at Queen’s – how can I get help?

Your school will have organised an IT introductory session for you. You will receive help materials at this session and be told of further, more specific, training sessions.

When will I get my student loan?

The Student Loans Company will contact you with a payment schedule of your loan. If you are a student in Northern Ireland, you can contact: or your relevant Education and Library Board.

International Students (non EU)

I haven’t got my visa through – what do I do?

You will still be able to register but your School will be notified and you must contact the relevant Consulate/Embassy and the International Office at Queen’s.

Immigration or Visa queries.

Contact the International Office at Queen’s:

When is International Orientation?

International Orientation begins on 12th September 2011 with airport pick-ups. The International Orientation Programme begins on 14th September 2011

Can I get picked up from the airport?

If you arrive in Belfast during the following dates you can take part in our free ‘Meet and Greet’ service: 12 and 13 September 2011 or 25 January 2012. A Welcome Team from Queen's will meet students at Belfast International Airport and Belfast City Airport and bring you to Queen's Elms Village.  When you get to Elms Village, those students who are staying in University accommodation can check into their room, and those who are not staying in Elms Village will be brought to their accommodation within the University area.

Where is the International Student Support office?

International Student Support Office
Queen's University
Lanyon South
University Road

Postgraduate Students

When is the Postgraduate induction?

For Postgraduate Research Students, University Induction is from the 5th-7th October 2011. All workshops will take place in the Great Hall from 9.30 am (registration begins at 9.15 am) to 4.00 pm.     

5 October 2011, for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences students

6 October 2011, for Engineering and Physical Sciences students

7 October 2011, for Medicine and Health Sciences students

Schools will advise their students of the arrangements for school inductions.

When ARE the university receptionS FOR new Postgraduate STUDENTS?

For Postgraduate Taught Students: Wednesday 28 September at 5.00 pm in the Great Hall.

For Postgraduate Research Students: Wednesday 5 October at 5.00 pm in the Great Hall.

Are Welcome Week events open to us as well?

Yes. Welcome Week events are open to all students.

Where is the Postgraduate Office?

Postgraduate Centre
International and Postgraduate Student Centre 
Main Campus
Queen's University 
Belfast BT7 1NN

+44 (028) 9097 2585