• Instructors/Advisers

Academics Teaching or Advising Students

Academics teaching or advising students during the current academic year are automatically provided with access to academic Self-Service on Qsis.  No prior training is required and staff use their QOL username and password (there is NO need to prefix the username with ads\). 

  • Qsis receives staff names, DOB and primary academic organisation details from Human Resources
  • Administrative School staff attach academics to classes and students
  • Overnight Qsis accounts are created and, where required, QOL are informed and provide access to the Virtual Learning Environment

Instructor Self Service - Class Information

Instructor Self-Service provides class information and the facility to contact the students on any class where the user is attached as an instructor.

Advisor Self Service - Student Information

Advisor Self-Service provides staff members access to student details, unofficial transcripts/academic records and contact information.