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Undergraduate and Postgraduate

The planning and administration of examinations is an all-year-round function which includes the production of departmental examination timetables for staff. Personal copies are produced for students following the finalising of departmental timetables. All information is published on-line and students are able to download their personal copy within a secure environment.

First semester examinations are scheduled in January and second semester examinations over May and June. A number of postgraduate examinations are held in April and May and supplementary examinations in August and September.

  • Approximately 1900 modules are scheduled - 800 in January - 1100 in May and June
  • On average 13,500 students take examinations over a 12-day period in each semester

To view examinations from a student’s perspective please visit the Student Guidance Centre website.

Key Contacts

Examinations Office:                Telephone- 02830 97 2807
Qsis Support:                            Telephone- 02890 97 2884
Thesis Queries:               

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