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Please note there are TWO Withdrawal/Leave of Absence request forms available via SharePoint, one applies to all UG/PGT withdrawals and the other to all PGR withdrawals.

How Do I Perform This Task?

Please read the following documents:

- Process for UG/PGT student withdrawals
- Process for PGR student withdrawals

Important Information


All student withdrawals

  1. Withdrawal/Leave of Absence requests should only be formally completed after concluding appropriate support mechanisms and/or discussions between the student and relevant staff.
  2. Schools are required to complete a separate Withdrawal/Leave of Absence request form for each programme of study the student is to be withdrawn from.
  3. The PG Centre and International Student Support Office will receive an email alert following the initial submission of the withdrawal request, any subsequent changes to the original request and again on completion of the request.
  4. Required withdrawals will not be actioned until the time allowed for appeals has lapsed.
  5. Schools are required to update Qsis by adding a RLOA (Return from Leave of Absence) when the student returns.
  6. The International Student Support Office should be notified of all international student withdrawals before the SharePoint form is submitted.

Additional information for UG/PGT student withdrawals

  1. If the Student wishes to withdraw for the full academic year without sitting exams, a Term Withdrawal is applicable.  A Session Withdrawal will drop the student’s enrolments for that session only.  If a student intends to take exams at the end of a Session, a Leave of Absence is applicable; the student WILL NOT be dropped from classes in this instance.

Additional information for PGR student withdrawals

  1. All PGR temporary withdrawals will be regarded as a period of Leave of Absence.
  2. Students must seek permission from the School Postgraduate Research Committee (SPRC) to withdraw temporarily or to extend a period of temporary withdrawal as far in advance as possible.
  3. An extension to a period of temporary withdrawal will require a further application and should be received in advance of the initial temporary withdrawal period ending.
  4. The student will be liable for fees from the date the approved temporary withdrawal period ends.
  5. A period of less than four weeks does not constitute a temporary withdrawal.
  6. The Student Records Office must be informed if the student returns earlier than proposed.
  7. Fully registered students are required to apply for a temporary withdrawal if commencement date delayed.