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P109083 MUSA: A Multi-touch Variability Modelling Solution for Software Product Lines
Variability Management software suite based on novel tools and IP that integrates with Multi-touch display technology

P101240 A Novel Microneedle Device for Transdermal Delivery
Researchers at QUB have invented a unique and innovative microproneedle transdermal system, based on  hydrogel materials, for the delivery of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
P105229 Diagnostic Tools for the Rapid Detection of Markers of Inflammation within the Clinic
Researchers at QUB have developed a robust and simple tool to allow critical markers of disease and infection to be measured directly in the clinic.
P107629 An Innovative Self-Cleansing BioMaterial for Use in Urinary Devices
Researchers at QUB have invented a Novel multi-layer biomaterial that combines controlled release of bioactive agents and self-cleansing properties
P45727 Plasmonic nanorod metamaterials for chemical and bio sensing
Researchers at QUB have discovered an improvement in biosensing technology using a plasmonic metamaterial that is capable of supporting a guided mode in a porous nanorod layer.
A Novel Superhydrophobic Coating Technology
A unique and innovative method for producing superhydrophobic coated surfaces to impart robust and long lasting water repellency on a wide range of surfaces

P41451 A Potent Pro-Angiogenic Hexapeptide for Effecting Wound Repair
Researchers have discovered a potent pro-angiogenic hexapeptide in amphibian venom that causes rapid and prolonged induction of new vasculature in several animal models