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EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Secondments (KTS) scheme

Knowledge Transfer Secondments (KTS) scheme supports the secondment of EPSRC-funded staff from Queens into organisations that can exploit their research results. KTS funding can also be used to host researchers from industry working on specific projects which build on the results of earlier EPSRC-funded research.

What can the funds be used for ?

  • Outward Secondments KTS funding can be used to support secondments of staff previously employed on an EPSRC grant or grants into a host organisation
  • Inward Secondments An inward secondment must comprise a specific research project, carried out by someone employed by a host organisation and building on knowledge generated with EPSRC funding

Closing date

  • There is no closing date and you can apply at any time
    (Secondments must be completed by 30th Sept 2012)

How to apply