Enterprise Development

How to Disclose your Innovation

If you have made a discovery which you believe has the potential for significant economic impact, then please disclosure your innovation as follows

  1. Arrange a meeting to discuss your idea with your nominated contact within the Commercial Development team  (028 9097 2566 or re@qub.ac.uk)
  2. Your nominated contact will meet with you to obtain further information and discuss options for Intellectual Property protection (e.g. patenting) and mechanisms available to support commercialisation.
  3. Complete an  Innovation Disclosure Form (IDF)  as fully as possible.  Your nominated contact will provide assistance if required.
  4. Print a hardcopy and have each inventor sign Section 5.  Return the signed hardcopy to your nominated contact within the Commercial Development team.  Alternatively return directly to Dr William Montgomery w.montgomery@qub.ac.uk

The information will then be used to consider the opportunity for IP protection and commercialisation support. Please attach additional papers, including drawings, photographs or manuscripts which may be of assistance.

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