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From 1 November 2011, the University has changed the way that staff are charged for car parking. From this date, car parking charging levels will be determined by the level of CO2 emissions from individual permit holders vehicles. 

What are the changes?

From November 2011, the flat rate car parking charge has been replaced with a banded system based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with lower emissions vehicles attracting lower tariffs. 

Why change the current flat rate charge?

Queen's is committed to improving its environmental performance and fundamentally changing the way it works so that it becomes an environmentally sustainable low carbon organisation. This committment is underpinned by the University Travel Plan, a key aim of which is to reduce the impact of University related traffic on the environment and the local community.

Car travel by staff to and from the University inevitably produces significant levels of CO2 and the new charging system is one of a number of measures designed to raise awareness of sustainable travel and to encourage staff to adopt alternatives to single-occupancy car journeys.

The future cost of car parking will be based on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by individual staff vehicles. Staff who own vehicles which produce low levels of CO2 will pay less for their annual permit than staff who drive vehicles that produce greater levels of CO2.

How will it affect you?

Charges are based on the Driver Vehicle Agency (DVA) tax and CO2 emissions bands, as shown in Table 1 below (the vehicle tax cost is shown for information only), which have been grouped into six categories. As before, the charge for part-time staff will be half of the full-time rate. Remember to calculate how the proposed changes will affect a second registered vehicle.

Table 1 - Car Parking Charges from 1 November 2018

University Permit Bands

(Cars Registered between 1 March 2001 

and 31 March 2017)

Vehicle Tax Cost CO2 g/km Car Parking Charges with effect from 1 November 2018
Per Annum Per Month
A £0 Up to 100 £180 £15
B £20 / £30 101 - 120 £348 £29

C (+ Pre 1 March '01 < 1,549cc)

£120 / £140 / £155 121 - 150 £372 £31
D £195 / £230 / £250 151 - 185 £396 £33

E (+ Pre 1 March '01 >1,549cc) 

£290 / £315 186 - 225 £456 £38
F £540 / £555 226 and over £468 £39


A list of frequently asked questions is available for staff by clicking here.

An information leaflet, detailing aspects of the new charging arrangements, is available by clicking here.