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Key Functions

Our services include:

Carbon Management   |   Compliance   |   Energy Conservation   |   Funding options for energy efficiency projects

Energy Audits   |   Advice and Training   |   Specifying and reviewing equipment   |   Energy Supply Contracts and Budgeting

  • Energy Conservation

    One of the University’s main commitments is to increase awareness of environmental responsibilities among staff and students. Therefore, energy conservation is at the heart of what we do.

    We aim to reduce both our costs and our Carbon Footprint. To date we’ve made annual savings of £1.58 million and decreased our carbon emissions by over 11,288 tonnes.

    A dedicated Green Revolving Fund has also been established specifically to finance energy efficiency projects.

    For more information or if you have an energy efficiency idea that requires funding, please email

  • Energy Supply Contracts

    Queen’s University comprises a number of sites in the Belfast area with over 250 buildings, including the Main Campus, Ashby Building, David Keir Building, Medical Biology Centre (MBC), and the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH). It has a full-time and part-time enrolment of approximately 24,000 students and has approximately 3,700 staff.

    In a typical year the University will use in the region of 80,000 MWh of natural gas and 20,000 MWh of electricity.

    To ensure value for money, contracts to supply energy are tendered on a periodic basis.

    For information on how to apply for a tender, or for more details on your current tender, please click here.

  • Compliance

    The Energy Team is responsible for ensuring the University complies with the following statutory and sector requirements:

    Energy Performance in Buildings Directive

    On an annual basis we produce Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for over 60 of our eligible buildings. In addition, we also produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) as required to comply with statutory requirements.

    ISO 50001

    We're proud to be one the few universities in the UK to be accredited to ISO50001. This demonstrates excellence and leadership in the field of energy management.

    Carbon Reduction Commitment

    On an annual basis the University purchases carbon allowances to offset its Scope 1 (Gas) and Scope 2 (Electricity) carbon emissions.


    The University operates combined heating power plants (CHP) at a number of locations. These are accredited to CHPQA standard in order to achieve and demonstrate efficient operation resulting in both environmental and financial savings.

  • Carbon Management

    Our vision is to become a low carbon organisation, by reducing our carbon emissions and providing a high quality and sustainable working and learning environment for students and staff.

    To help achieve this we have produced a Carbon Management Plan (CMP) which sets out our plans to reduce our carbon emissions by 2020.

Key Contacts

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