Estates Directorate

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

We have recently revised arrangements for the collection and disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). This includes IT Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, White Goods and Fridges and Freezers. 

A request to remove electrical waste should be logged via Planon by your School/ Directorate Building Liaison Officer (BLO) with details of the items i.e. numbers and type of equipment requiring disposal.

The table below summarises any charges for the disposal of WEEE.

Type of Electrical EquipmentCost
IT equipment and secure data removal No disposal charge. A collection charge may apply.
Fridges and freezers

£18 per domestic fridge

£50 - £120 per commercial fridge

An additional £55 collection charge may apply for large items

White goods (for example, toaster, kettle, microwave)

Charge of £0.25/ kg
Laboratory equipment

Small scale laboratory equipment - no cost

Medium to large laboratory equipment - individually priced by waste contractor



Collections will be coordinated via Planon. Under the revised arrangemnets, a minimum number of major electrical items must be generated across the University before a free collection is scheduled at the University.

It is the responsibility of those requesting the collection to identify a safe place for temporary storage whilst awaiting collection. Please do not use corridors, stairwells or block any fire exits or escape routes.

Please find a storage location as near to ground level as possible for ease of collection. For bulkier items of equipment, a collection can be made from where the item stands.

All fridges and freezers must be empty and cleaned down prior to disposal.  If this is not undertaken, they will not be removed.

Please note, if your equipment was in use in a laboratory (or other potentially hazardous) setting, the disposing School/Unit is responsible for appropriately cleaning the equipment and certifying it as clean, prior to disposing of it.


Secure data removal

Each piece of equipment is given a reference by the contractor and certificates of destruction are provided. These are stored electronically centrally.


If you have any questions please contact the Assistant Environmental Manager