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motorcycles on campus

Travel by motorcycle


  • Environmental: a powered two-wheeler (motorcycle / scooter) is generally more fuel efficient than a motor car, so produces less harmful emissions
  • Physical: takes up less road in terms of congestion and space for parking
  • Time: Priority routes for motorcycles (and bicycles) through bus lanes helps to avoid traffic jams and decreases journey times.


  • Motorcycles can be parked anywhere on site where there is space, excluding yellow hatched lines, designated car parking space and access/egress to buildings

Sustainable Business Travel Allowance

The University is pleased to announce the introduction of business mileage allowance for travel by motorcycle.  As part of the University’s Travel Plan, staff will be able to claim the following mileage rates for business-related travel:

  • 20p per mile for motorcycles, limited to 4,000 miles per annum

The applicable rates and terms and conditions are to be referred to on a new staff expenses claim form, available from the Finance Directorate, Payments Office.