Conferences Run on Behalf of Outside Bodies

  • In general conference income and expenditure is not included in the University's Statement of Comprehensive Income.
  • Any surplus may have to be transferred to the outside body.
  • Any deficit will be covered by the host Faculty or Directorate.
  • The balance on the Conference Creditor Account 4127 is reflected in Balance Sheet only.
  • Payment is normally made online when registering or invoices may be issued by the conference organiser (not through the University's Debtor System).
  • Income may be credited to the Conference Creditor Account 4127.
  • Expenses are debited to the Conference Creditor Account 4127.

Conferences Run by the University

  • Conference income and expenditure is reflected in the University's accounts.
  • Income is credited to 5XXX account in departments' A projects (with sub analysis), or, where the conference is material (Income £15k - £20k) a seaperate T project is opened
  • Expenditure is debited to 6XXX account with sub analysis.
  • Payment is normally made online when registering, or in exceptional circumstances only, invoices may be issued through the University's Debtor System.
  • Online registration and payment is required for larger conferences.
  • Recurring conferences may be operated through a separate T Project.

VAT and Conferences

  • Educational conferences are exempt for VAT purposes.
  • Charges for accommodation and catering supplied by the University in connection with educational conferences will generally also be exempt. A VAT exemption certificate (available from the VAT section) should be completed by the conference organiser.
  • VAT should be charged on non-educational conference fees and these should be operated through a separate T project.