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1.       Policy regarding use of Substitutes and Research Project Nominees


As the functionality in Qfis continues to develop, there is an increasing emphasis on individual staff members to perform key tasks across a number of functions within the system, for example, providing Nominated Buyer/Budgetary approval or responding to Missing GRN tasks in the P2P solution. However, when staff members are absent, there is a risk that key tasks will not be actioned in a timely manner. As a means of mitigating this risk, it is possible to nominate staff members to act as temporary substitutes for absent staff members. This means that the substitute staff member will receive the same tasks that the absent staff member receives, and will also be able to complete the same actions for each of their tasks.


The attached document provides a guide as to the policy and effect of the Substitute policy in Qfis, as well as the policy pertaining to Nominees for research projects across the P2P solution.


We would request that you contact us in advance of any planned periods of absence, particularly annual leave taken during the summer months, and provide us with details of who should act as a substitute on your behalf. An email should be sent to and contain the following information;


-          Your name and staff number

-          Substitute’s name and staff number

-          Start and end date of absence period

-          Reason for absence

-          Approval from Cost Centre Approver, if applicable.


2.       Purchase Card


As you will be aware, we now have many suppliers on the e-marketplace, through Science Warehouse, allowing for simple point and click shopping – please ensure that you use the ‘go shopping’ function of P2P rather than continuing to use Pcard for these suppliers. For the full list of available suppliers, ‘go shopping’ and browse suppliers.


If you cannot find the product you require on Science Warehouse please let us know and we will request that it is added by the supplier to the system. This may take time for the supplier to turn it around but we can accommodate an immediate interim solution – just speak to the P2P support team.


3.       P2P Survey Results and Account Management


Many thanks to all colleagues for taking the time to complete the recent P2P User Survey.


Your ongoing engagement on the P2P project and views on the solution are very important to us. In light of the responses and detailed supporting comments received, the Financial Systems and Business Support  (FSBS) Team is currently developing an action plan to address the issues raised in order to improve the P2P user experience.


The Team is already addressing individual issues around ‘off campus access’ and we are engaging with Science Warehouse to attempt to address some of the user issues being experienced. As part of this, the FSBS Team, alongside colleagues in the Procurement Team, will be undertaking refresher courses in the use of the Science Warehouse platform over the coming months. Members of the Finance Directorate Management Team, alongside colleagues from FSBS, Procurement and Payments Office, will continue to meet with business units to discuss their experience with P2P to date. This will be ongoing over the coming months and will assist in providing a better service to our user base.


4.       P2P Supplier Invoices – No PO, No Pay Policy


The new P2P solution scans supplier invoices using intelligent invoice capture software (itesoft) and matches them automatically with the purchase order number. Therefore, it is essential that supplier invoices contain clear and accurate University Purchase Order (PO) numbers.


This is a reminder, that with effect from 1 August 2016, we plan to put in place a ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy. No invoices will be paid without a valid PO number included and we have been keeping our suppliers up to date on this in recent months.


Please ensure that suppliers have been provided with a PO when accepting an order.


We are pleased to announce a number of enhancements and changes that have recently been made to the P2P process and systems.


1.   New Reporting Browsers


In order to support you as users, several new reports have been added to the existing suite of reports including the following:

 P2P Purchase Order Details

This report provides all the details associated with a specific purchase order including details of the quantity of goods/services previously receipted and the balance still to be receipted.

The report is accessible via: Main Menu / Reports / P2P Reports

 Transactional Enquiry

This report provides details of transactions posted to the General Ledger and can be used to lookup transactions that are specific to a Purchase Order Number or Invoice Number.

The report is accessible via: Main Menu / Reports / Transactions & Balances

 Own Requisitions

This report has been further enhanced to include the Project Code and Text Description.

The report is accessible via: Main Menu / Procurement / Requisitions

 All Requisitions

This report has been further enhanced and is now sorted by the most recent requisition number.

The report is accessible via: Main Menu / Procurement / Requisitions


2.       Requisitions involving DELL


As you are aware, requisitions involving DELL should be populated via the DELL punch-out website, i.e. by clicking the ‘Go Shopping’ button in the Qfis Requisition screen; accessing the Science Warehouse website and then punching-out to the DELL website.


The front/landing page of the DELL website has recently been expanded to provide a full list of all the computer and associated consumables that can currently be selected by Queen’s staff.


However, if the computer or consumable that you wish to select is not available, then you should complete the ‘Science Warehouse – New Product Request Form’ (see attached) and forward it to the P2P Service Desk at and we will request that DELL adds the product to their webpage.


However, occasionally it is not possible for DELL to add the product to their webpage and a formal quote has to be obtained from DELL instead. In such circumstances, where a formal quote has been obtained from DELL, then there is no need to access the Science Warehouse and DELL punch-out websites. Instead, requisitioners should complete a free-format requisition in Qfis – ‘Requisitions Advanced’ screen - and insert the 8-digit quote number in the Product Description field of the Requisition Details tab.


3.       Nominated Buyer Approval of Requisitions


In order to streamline the workflow process, it is no longer possible for Nominated Buyers to change the details of requisitions that they receive for approval via the task called ‘P2P Req Approval (NB)’. If Nominated Buyers wish to have changes made to particular requisition details, then they should pass the requisition back to the original Requisitioner who should then make the changes.


In order to pass the requisition back to a Requisitioner, Nominated Buyers should, therefore, ‘reject’ their approval task and add appropriate comments when prompted by the system.


4.       Goods/Services Receipting


We would like to remind users of the need to complete the ‘Goods Receipt’ screen in Qfis, as soon as possible, after the goods/services have been received.


A comprehensive training guide for Goods/Services Receipting is available via the following link. Users should click on ‘Stage 8 – Goods/Services Receipting’.


In addition, a short training video is available to demonstrate how to respond to a task called ‘P2P Missing GRN (PO/REQ)’. Please note that the videos are hosted on a Mediasite website and you will be required to enter your usual qol network (not Qfis) credentials before accessing the videos.


Click here to access the videos


5.       Training Record i-trent


The i-trent system has recently been populated with details of all the users who attended the P2P training sessions. If you attended one or more of the training sessions, you should be able to see this in your ‘Training Record’ which is available to view via Queen’s On-line.



If you have any queries about this or any other aspects of the P2P system, please contact us directly using the following methods;



Telephone: ext 5217



The P2P Team